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  • Data mining
  • Data science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Health informatics
  • Databases

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About Yanchun Zhang

Professor Zhang is an international research leader in databases, data mining, health informatics, web information systems, and web services. He has published over 300 research papers in international journals and conferences proceedings, and authored/edited 20 books.

His research has been supported by a number of Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage projects and discovery project grants. His research has made significant impacts on society. For example, the multidisciplinary research into e-health has produced software systems and mapping tools to assist relevant government/industry organisations establish health needs, allowing the development of policy based on firm evidence. Some of the organisations assisted include:

  • World Health Organization
  • Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services
  • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
  • Westgate General Practice Network, Melbourne.


Professor Zhang is the Editor-In-Chief of World Wide Web journal (Springer), and Health Information Science and Systems (Springer). He is Chairman of the International Web Information Systems Engineering Society (WISE Society.)

He won the VU's Medal for Excellence in Research in 2005, and the VU Vice Chancellor's Peak Award for Research and Research Training in Research Supervision in 2011, respectively.

He was a member of Australian Research Council's College of Experts (2008-2010), and serves as expert panel-member at various international funding agencies such as National Natural Science Fund of China (NSFC), 'National 1000 Talents Program' of China, the Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund.


  • PhD, The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, 1991

Key publications

Year Citation
2020 Liang, S., Zhang, Y., & Ma, J. (200401). Active model selection for positive unlabeled time series classification Paper presented at Proceedings - International Conference on Data Engineering (pp. 361-372).

doi: 10.1109/ICDE48307.2020.00038

Year Citation
2020 Siuly, S., Alcin, O. F., Kabir, E., Sengur, A., Wang, H., Zhang, Y., & Whittaker, F. (200901). A New Framework for Automatic Detection of Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Resting-State EEG Signals. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 28(9), (1966-1976).

doi: 10.1109/TNSRE.2020.3013429

2020 Du, J., Zheng, L., He, J., Rong, J., Wang, H., & Zhang, Y. (200901). An Interactive Network for End-to-End Review Helpfulness Modeling. Data Science and Engineering, 5(3), (261-279).

doi: 10.1007/s41019-020-00133-1

2020 Hacid, H., Cellary, W., Wang, H., & Zhang, Y. (200901). Preface to the special issue on web information systems engineering (WISE 2018). World Wide Web, 23(5), (2811-2813).

doi: 10.1007/s11280-020-00826-7

2020 He, J., Rong, J., Sun, L., Wang, H., Zhang, Y., & Ma, J. (200901). A framework for cardiac arrhythmia detection from IoT-based ECGs. World Wide Web, 23(5), (2835-2850).

doi: 10.1007/s11280-019-00776-9

2020 Chen, Y., Ding, S., Zheng, H., Zhang, Y., & Yang, S. (200801). Decision support for personalized hospital choice using the DEX hierarchical model with SMAA. Knowledge and Information Systems, 62(8), (3059-3082).

doi: 10.1007/s10115-020-01448-1

2020 Han, W., Peng, M., Xie, Q., Hu, G., Gao, W., Wang, H., Zhang, Y., & Liu, Z. (200705). DTC: Transfer learning for commonsense machine comprehension. Neurocomputing, 396 (102-112).

doi: 10.1016/j.neucom.2019.07.110

2020 Yuan, Y., Chang, S., Zhang, Z., Li, Z., Li, S., Xie, P., Yau, W. P., Lin, H., Cai, W., & Zhang, Y. (200415). A novel strategy for prediction of human plasma protein binding using machine learning techniques. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 199

doi: 10.1016/j.chemolab.2020.103962

2020 Gao, W., Peng, M., Wang, H., Zhang, Y., Han, W., Hu, G., & Xie, Q. (200328). Generation of topic evolution graphs from short text streams. Neurocomputing, 383 (282-294).

doi: 10.1016/j.neucom.2019.11.077

2020 Hassan, A. R., Subasi, A., & Zhang, Y. (200305). Epilepsy seizure detection using complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition with adaptive noise. Knowledge-Based Systems, 191

doi: 10.1016/j.knosys.2019.105333

Research funding for the past 5 years

Please note:

  • Funding is ordered by the year the project commenced and may continue over several years.
  • Funding amounts for contact research are not disclosed to maintain commercial confidentiality.
  • The order of investigators is not indicative of the role they played in the research project.

Effective and Efficient Situation Awareness in Big Social Media Data
From: ARC - Discovery, Victoria University
For period: 2020-2022

Deep Mining Neurological Abnormalities from Brain Signal Data
From: ARC - Linkage
Investigators: Dr Hua Wang
For period: 2018-2021
Increasing data quality with group associations in outsourcing environment
From: ARC - Discovery
Investigators: Dr Hua Wang
For period: 2018-2020

To Investigate the usability and value to Clinicians (Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Wester Medicine Practitioners) - Chinese Herbal Medicine Interaction.
From: UnityHealth Pty Ltd Fund
For period: 2017-2017
Not disclosed

Deep Learning for Automatic Anomaly Detection in Breast Magnetic Resonance Images.
From: EEC Bio-Tech (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd
Investigators: Prof Yuan Miao, Dr Xiaoxia Yin, Prof Hong Xu
For period: 2016-2017
Privacy preserving data sharing in electronic health environment
From: ARC - Linkage, Nexus Grant
Investigators: Prof Yuan Miao, Dr Hua Wang
For period: 2016-2019

Deep Data Mining for Anomaly Prediction from Sensor Data Streams
From: ARC - Discovery
For period: 2014-2016

Measuring and mining genetic variation related to disbetes mellitus type II. (Nanjing Nandian funded.)
From: Nanjing Nandian Software Technology
Investigators: Prof Yuan Miao, Dr Xiaoxia Yin
For period: 2013-2017
Using Data Mining Methods to Remove Uncertainties in Sensor Data Streams
From: ARC - Discovery
For period: 2013-2017

Real-time and Self-Adaptive Stream Data Analyser for Intensive Care Management
From: Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of E-Business, ARC - Linkage, Australian e-Health Research Centre
For period: 2010-2017
Data Exchange and Service Integration with Applications in Health Information Systems
From: ARC - Linkage, Westgate General Practice Network
Investigators: Prof Yuan Miao
For period: 2010-2017

Supervision of research students at VU

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Currently supervised research students at VU

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1 Masters by Research Principal supervisor
11 PhD Principal supervisor
1 PhD Associate supervisor

Currently supervised research students at VU

Students & level Role
Masters by Research (1) Principal supervisor
PhD (11) Principal supervisor
PhD (1) Associate supervisor

Completed supervision of research students at VU

No. of students Study level Role
3 PhD Associate supervisor
5 PhD Principal supervisor

Completed supervision of research students at VU

Students & level Role
PhD (3) Associate supervisor
PhD (5) Principal supervisor


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