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Areas of expertise

  • Organic/polymer syntheses and characterisation
  • Combustion chemistry and toxicity
  • Chemical modification of polymers to confer flame retardance
  • Recycling of plastics and cellulosic materials; energy from waste; greener technologies
  • Combustion of ligno-cellulosic materials and bush fire

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About Paul Joseph

Paul is a chemist specialising in polymer science and combustion chemistry, with more than 20 years of research experience. He has an international reputation in the field of polymer/material science, with a track record of publishing research and securing external and internal research funding.

After obtaining his PhD in Polymer Science from Lancaster University, UK, Paul worked at Lancaster and Sheffield Universities as a Research Associate in area of polymer science before taking up a research fellowship at University of Ulster, UK. Subsequently, he was promoted to Lecturer, and then Senior Lecturer, before securing the current position of Associate Professor in Material Science at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Paul has obtained external research funding from highly competitive sources, including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), UK. While at Sheffield University, he was instrumental in attracting two EPSRC grants (a total of £225,627), and at Ulster Paul was the principal investigator in an EPSRC project, both in the area of functional polymeric materials (£320,000). He was also lead academic supervisor for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project worth £107,000, relating to devising environmentally-friendly means of removing unspent polymeric products from components of injection moulding machines. In addition, Paul was a co-investigator on another EPSRC program (£970,514), that investigated the integrated safety strategies for on-board hydrogen storage systems. While at Ulster he also attracted various small- to medium-size grants through internal bids (totalling about £70,000).

Since joining Victoria University, he has secured the following research grants:

  • VU Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Defence Science and Technology Group: 'Experimental and numerical investigations on the efficacy of water mist systems for active suppression of fires involving lithium-ion batteries in enclosure', AUD $350,000 (2017- 2020)
  • Victoria University Research Infrastructure Grant Scheme: 'Fire Emissions Mitigation System (FEMS)', AUD $300,000 (2016-2017)
  • Victoria University Capital Expenditure Grant: 'Pyrolysis Combustion Flow Calorimeter (PCFC)',  AUD $50,000 (2015).


To date, Paul has co-authored about 120 research outputs, including 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and nine invited book chapters. He has been actively involved in research students’ supervision at four different universities dotted across the world. Currently, he supervises four PhD programs at Victoria University.


  • PhD (Polymer Science), Lancaster University, UK
  • MSc (Hydrogen Safety Engineering), Ulster University, UK
  • PgCHEP, Ulster University, UK
  • MSc (Applied Chemistry), Cochin University, India
  • BSc (Chemistry), Kerala University India

Key publications

Year Citation
2021 Tan, S., Weinert, D., Joseph, P., & Moinuddin, K. (210302). Sensitivity and uncertainty analyses of human and organizational risks in fire safety systems for high-rise residential buildings with probabilistic t-h-o-risk methodology. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 11(6),

doi: 10.3390/app11062590

2021 Thomas, A., Moinuddin, K., Zhu, H., & Joseph, P. (210301). Passive fire protection of wood using some bio-derived fire retardants. Fire Safety Journal, 120

doi: 10.1016/j.firesaf.2020.103074

2020 Tan, S., Weinert, D., Joseph, P., & Moinuddin, K. (201202). Impact of technical, human, and organizational risks on reliability of fire safety systems in high-rise residential buildingsapplications of an integrated probabilistic risk assessment model. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 10(24), (1-31).

doi: 10.3390/app10248918

2020 Ghiji, M., Novozhilov, V., Moinuddin, K., Joseph, P., Burch, I., Suendermann, B., & Gamble, G. (201001). A review of lithium-ion battery fire suppression. Energies, 13(19),

doi: 10.3390/en13195117

2020 Baby, A., Tretsiakova-McNally, S., Arun, M., Joseph, P., & Zhang, J. (200901). Reactive and additive modifications of styrenic polymers with phosphorus-containing compounds and their effects on fire retardance. Molecules, 25(17),

doi: 10.3390/molecules25173779

2020 Thomas, A., Moinuddin, K., Tretsiakova-McNally, S., & Joseph, P. (200801). A kinetic analysis of the thermal degradation behaviours of some bio-based substrates. Polymers, 12(8),

doi: 10.3390/POLYM12081830

2020 Thomas, A., Arun, M., Moinuddin, K., & Joseph, P. (200801). Mechanistic aspects of condensed- and gaseous-phase activities of some phosphorus-containing fire retardants. Polymers, 12(8),

doi: 10.3390/polym12081801

2020 Anpalagan, K. K., Karakkat, J. V., Truskewycz, A., Saedi, A. A., Joseph, P., Apostolopoulos, V., Nurgali, K., Cole, I., Cai, Z., & Lai, D. TH. (200801). Bioimaging of c2c12 muscle myoblasts using fluorescent carbon quantum dots synthesized from bread. Nanomaterials, 10(8), (1-13).

doi: 10.3390/nano10081575

2020 Thomas, A., Joseph, P., Moinuddin, K., Zhu, H., & Tretsiakova-McNally, S. TMAU. (200301). Thermal and calorimetric evaluations of some chemically modified carbohydrate-based substrates with phosphorus-containing groups. Polymers, 12(3),

doi: 10.3390/polym12030588

2020 Tan, S., Weinert, D., Joseph, P., & Moinuddin, K. AM. (200101). Incorporation of technical, human and organizational risks in a dynamic probabilistic fire risk model for high-rise residential buildings. Fire and Materials,

doi: 10.1002/fam.2872

Research funding for the past 5 years

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Calibrating EPA Particle Monitors (CALPAM)
From: Environment Protection Authority Victoria, College of Engineering & Science
Other investigators: Prof Vassili Novozhilov
For period: 2016-2016
Not disclosed

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2 PhD Principal Supervisor supervisor

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2 PhD Associate supervisor
2 PhD Principal Supervisor supervisor

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