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  • LES Based Multiphase Combustion Modelling of Liquid Sprays in OpenFOAM
  • Fire Dynamic Simulation in FDS
  • Fluid Structure interaction Mechanics
  • Nonlinear/finite element analysis
  • C++ Object based programming in OpenFOAM

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About Nazmul Khan

Dr Nazmul Khan has been working as a Research Fellow at Victoria University since 2018 in a Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre project for the fire agencies of Australia. He is also an APA Scholarship holder.

Nazmul has 7 years of research experience as a part of the academic study in Master of Engineering and PhD from the UNSW and the University of Sydney, respectively.

He has developed a Lagrangian particle based liquid phase model for the LES based multiphase combustion modelling of liquid sprays. The model was developed in mmcFOAM, a branch of OpenFOAM developed at the University of Sydney. This sparse-Lagrangian MMC-LES multiphase combustion model was validated against experimental data, which shows the excellent agreement between the simulation results and the experimental data.

Dr Nazmul has a strong background in C++ Object-based programming in OpenFOAM, Fortran 90 programming in FDS, Matlab post-processing and software and hardware customising experience for running simulation in Linux based HPC, AWS and other remote desktops. He would like to further extend his research and teaching career in the field of computational fluid dynamics.


  • PhD, The University of Sydney, Australia, 2017
  • Master of Engineering (Research), The University of New South Wales, Australia, 2013
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh, 1999

Key publications

Year Citation
2019 Khan, N., Sutherland, D., & Moinuddin, K. (190806). Recirculation regions downstream of a canopy hill. Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC.
2019 Khan, N., Sutherland, D., Philip, J., Ooi, A., & Moinuddin, K. (190304). A preliminary report on simulation of flows through canopies with varying atmospheric stability. Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC.
2018 Moinuddin, K., Roy, S. S., Sutherland, D., & Khan, N. (181001). Improvements to wind field generation in physics-based models to reduce spin-up time and to account for terrain, heated earth surface. Melbourne: Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC.
2018 Moinuddin, K., Sutherland, D., Ooi, A., & Khan, N. (180701). FIRE SPREAD PREDICTION ACROSS FUEL TYPES Annual Project Report 2017-2018. Melbourne: Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC.

Year Citation
2018 Singha, Roy., Sutherland, D., Khan, N., & Moinuddin, K. (180101). A comparative study of wind fields generated by different inlet parameters and their effects on fire spread using Fire Dynamics Simulator Paper presented at Proceedings of the 21st Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, AFMC 2018.
2017 Khan, N., & Cleary, M. (171210). Sparse-Lagrangian MMC-LES Modelling of Reacting Acetone Spray Combustion institute.
2015 Khan, N., & Cleary, M. (151207). Large Eddy Simulation of Evaporating Acetone in a Turbulent Multiphase Flow The combustion institute, Australia New Zealand.
2014 Khan, N., Cleary, M., Bilger, R., Stein, O., Kronenburg, A., & Zhao, L. F. (141208). A Mixture Fraction-Based Model for Evaporation, Pyrolysis and Char Conversion of Dilute Fuel Dispersions Australisian Fluid Mechanics Society.
2012 Khan, N., Zhang, L. C., Ruan, H., Zhao, X., & Zhang, X. (121209). A new approach to the numerical investigation of mixed lubrication in strip rolling Engineers Australia.

Year Citation
2018 Khan, N., Cleary, M. J., Stein, O. T., & Kronenburg, A. (180701). A two-phase MMC-LES model for turbulent spray flames. COMBUSTION AND FLAME, 193 (424-439).

doi: 10.1016/j.combustflame.2018.03.023

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