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  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Strategic procurement
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Sustainability in the built environment

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About Melissa Chan

Melissa Chan is a lecturer in Built Environment at the College of Engineering and Science at Victoria University. She has worked professionally as a Procurement and Contracts Executive. Melissa previously obtained professional accreditation with the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) and she has taught courses in construction and project management. She is currently undertaking teaching responsibilities in procurement management, cost planning and safety/risk management.

Melissa’s current research interests include strategic procurement, sustainable infrastructure, and construction health and safety. She has been successful in applying for university and industry funded research grants in construction procurement and sustainable infrastructure. In addition to research, Melissa regularly consults with the industry on various topics including construction innovation and occupational health and safety.


  • PhD
  • MSc
  • BSc

Key publications

Year Citation
2020 Chan, M., & Ogunjobi, F. (201129). The eco-friendliness of Bio-Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Auckland University of Technology.
2020 Law, T., Lam, D., Endang, J., & Chan, M. (200901). How rad(-ical) is VRAD (Virtual Reality-Aided Design)? Paper presented at Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Visualisation (pp. 751-756).

doi: 10.1109/IV51561.2020.00133

2020 Chan, M., Masrom, A., Yassin, A., & Kadir, A. (200419). Strategies of Government Green Procurement in Malaysian Infrastructure Development In Ban, M. ;. (Ed.), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb.
2020 Chan, M., & Ogunjobi, F. (200101). The eco-friendliness of bio-structural insulated panels (SIPs) Paper presented at Proceedings of the International Conference of Architectural Science Association (pp. 1066-1074).
2011 Chan, M., Coffey, V., & Trigunarsyah, B. (110101). Relational Contracting and Its Efficacy of Project Outcomes in the Australian Construction Industry Paper presented at Modern Methods and Advances in Structural Engineering and Construction(ISEC-6). Research Publishing Services.

doi: 10.3850/978-981-08-7920-4_s1-p02-cd

2010 Chan, M., Coffey, V., & Trigunarsyah, B. (100516). Steering Towards Pinnacle of Success: The NEC Tenets in Australian Construction Contracting In Haigh, R. ;. (Ed.), CIB.

Year Citation
2021 Jin, H., Chan, M., Morda, R., Lou, C. X., & Vrcelj, Z. (210101). A scientometric review of sustainable infrastructure research: visualization and analysis. International Journal of Construction Management,

doi: 10.1080/15623599.2021.2017114

Research funding for the past 5 years

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Social Value Creation for Transport and Infrastructure
From: Victorian Higher Education Strategic Investment Fund
Other investigators: Dr Malindu Sandanayake, Dr Xiaocui Lou, Dr Elmira Jamei, Dr Hing-wah Chau, Aspr David Goodwin, Prof Zora Vrcelj, Dr Riccardo Natoli, Dr Jonny Bouras
For period: 2021-2022

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