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  • Science studies and modern science
  • Modernity and the two cultures
  • Modern philosophy

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About Fiona Druitt

Dr Fiona Druitt is a Research Fellow in the Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities (ISILC) at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. She is a member of the multidisciplinary Applied Security Sciences Partnership (ASSP). Fiona’s research concerns translation in theory and in practice, including: research translation; interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity; and translations across science and the humanities and social sciences.

Research translation doesn’t just include communicating research beyond academia, but also practicing it in such a way that takes impact seriously. Fiona is interested in practicing and thinking through collaborative research where both university researchers and non-academic partners are involved in the research question or methods. In her previous role at The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), Fiona worked as a research facilitator for a series of university-industry research collaborations across a number of Victorian Universities, across all disciplines. Fiona also has a decade of experience as a statistical data analyst and consultant working in the Environmental Sciences Industry.

Fiona’s critical research speaks to the humanities and social sciences, critical theory, science studies and modern science (Fiona is also trained in mathematics and physics). She is interested in philosophical, socio-cultural, historical, literary and scientific questions of modernity, which concern the purification of, and then translations across, categories such as nature and culture, thought and things, thinking and embodying, theory and practice, randomness and determinism, structure and agency, qualitative and quantitative, space and time, here and there and now and then (to name just a few binaries in a potentially infinite list).

In particular, Fiona is interested in the purification and translations of what CP Snow called ‘the two cultures’: science and the humanities, and also of the modern disciplines within them. Fiona’s research investigates how the two cultures and their modern disciplines are themselves symptoms of modernity: the very question that they are often attempting to repose. For Fiona, this isn’t just a complication; it’s a clue about how to think disciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and modernity differently.


  • PhD, University of Melbourne, 2017
  • BA Hons (Cultural Studies/Creative Writing), University of Melbourne, 2006
  • BSc Hons (Mathematics/Physics), University of Melbourne, 2005

Key publications

Year Citation
2020 Smith, D., Iqbal, M., Spaaij, R., Clark, C., Druitt, F., Harris-Hogan, S., & Winter, C. (201102). Validation of Radar CVE Case Management Tool. Melbourne: Victoria University.
2020 Smith, D., Iqbal, M., Spaaij, R., Blythman, R., Clark, C., Druitt, F., Harris-Hogan, S., Hateley, L., Winter, C., & Zammit, A. (201102). Revisiting Risk: An Assessment of How Terrorism Subjects Make the Transition to Violence. Melbourne: Victoria University.

Year Citation
2006 Druitt, F. (061001). Towards and Away from Home: The Networked Cosmopolitanism of Federation Square. Crossings: Bulletin of the International Australian Studies Association, 11(2), (---).

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