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  • Koori and non-Koori History
  • Australian Political History
  • Critical Non-Indigenous Research
  • Critial Whiteness Studies
  • Action Research

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About Clare Land

Clare Land is an Academic/Researcher at Moondani Balluk Academic Unit, where she runs the ARC-funded Northland Campaign Community History Project with Professor Gary Foley. Clare is a non-Aboriginal person.

Clare has a long-standing commitment to supporting land justice and Indigenous-led struggles and is known in particular for the book, Decolonizing Solidarity: Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles (Zed Books, 2015).

Clare is co-coordinator of a large-scale community education project (the Decolonizing Solidarity Book Club); and a member of the Police Stop Data Expert Working Group of the Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre, Melbourne; and the Woor Dungin Committee of Management. In 2019 Clare took up a role as a mentor to emerging organisers in The Change Agency’s Community Organising Fellowship.

Decolonizing Solidarity is based on Clare’s PhD research at Deakin University, for which she was awarded the Isi Leibler Prize for the thesis which ‘best contributes to advancing knowledge of racial, religious or ethnic prejudice in any time or place, or to advancing knowledge of multiculturalism and community relations in Australia.’

Clare has a BA(Hons)/BSc from the University Melbourne. Her Honours year was a combined course of study across the Faculties of History and History and Philosophy of Science. Her Honours Thesis (supervised by Tony Birch) was awarded the 2001 Margaret Kiddle Prize for the best honours thesis in the History Department and an History and Philosophy of Science essay during Honours won Clare the 2002 WMC Prize for archival research. In her BSc she majored in Botany and Biochemistry.

Clare has worked on research projects interpreting colonial history and Australian political history, and promoting educational equity.

Clare volunteered at 3CR community radio between 2001 and 2014 including 12 years as a broadcaster. From 2002-2012 she collaborated with Gunai/Maar man Robbie Thorpe as co-presenter of the show Fire First.


  • PhD, Deakin University, Australia, 2012
  • BA(Hons)/BSC, Univerity of Melbourne, Australia, 2001

Key publications

Year Citation
2016 Hocking, J., Land, C., Campo, N., & Tayton, S. (160101). Gough Whitlam: Guide to Archives of Australia's Prime Ministers (1). Parkes, Australian Capital Territory: National Archives of Australia.
2015 Land, C. (150101). Decolonizing Solidarity Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles (1st). London: Zed Books.

Year Citation
2016 Land, C. (160101). Privilegien verlernen, Nutzlichkeiten fresetzen - Vierte-Welt-Solidaritatsarbeit und die Aboriginal Kampfe um Land und Selbstbestimmung In glokal, E. V. (Ed.) (pp. 71-74). Berlin: Glokal.
2016 Nur, A. (160101). It's about genocide, it's about sovereignty and it's about a treaty [in Chapter 4 - 2000s] In Fox, J. (Ed.) (pp. 137-139). Fitzroy: 3CR community radio.
2016 Denton, J. (160101). Saving the schools In Fox, J. (Ed.) (pp. 127-129). Fitzroy: 3CR Community Radio.

Year Citation
2020 Land, C., & Balla, P. (200630). Cross-Cultural Encounters during Cook s Voyages [Project title. Publication title TBC]. Melbourne: City of Melbourne.
2019 Land, C., & Berry, M. (190706). Resource Paper to assist with the formation of the Interpretation Strategy for the Batman Memorial at Queen Victoria Market. Melbourne:
2017 Hopkins, T. (170906). Monitoring Racial Profiling - Introducing a scheme to prevent unlawful stops and searches by Victoria Police: A report of the Police Stop Data Working Group. Melbourne: Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre.

Year Citation
2017 Land, C. (170217). Whiteness and Blackness and Blackness in the Politics of Solidarity with Indigenous Struggles Community Identity Displacement Resarch Network and Moondani Balluk Academic Unit, Victoria University; and Identity Research Network, Swinburne University.

Year Citation
2018 Land, C. (180301). The Haunting Story of Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner. La Trobeana, 17(1), (55-64).

Research funding for the past 5 years

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Resource Paper to Assist with the Formation of the Interpretation Strategy for the Batman Memorial at Queen Victoria Market
From: City of Melbourne
For period: 2019-2019
Not disclosed

Research project: cross-cultural encounters during Cook¿s voyages
From: Auspicious Arts Inc
Other investigators: Ms Paola Balla
For period: 2018-2019
Not disclosed
Cross-Cultural Encounters During Cook's Voyages
From: City of Melbourne
Other investigators: Ms Paola Balla
For period: 2018-2019
Not disclosed

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2 PhD Associate supervisor
1 PhD Principal Supervisor supervisor
1 Master of Research Associate supervisor

Completed supervision of research students at VU

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PhD (2) Associate supervisor
PhD (1) Principal Supervisor supervisor
Master of Research (1) Associate supervisor


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