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  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Organizations
  • Project management
  • Educational Technologies and Innovations
  • Technology/Innovation Adoption and Diffusion
  • Health management & informatics

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About Amir Ghapanchi

Dr Amir Ghapanchi is currently a senior lecturer at Victoria University, Australia.

Prior to joining Victoria University in 2017, Amir worked at Griffith University for more than 5 years. Prior to that he has worked at University of Technology Sydney (as a contract lecturer for a year) and the University of New South Wales (as a sessional academic).

Amir obtained his PhD from the Australian School of Business, at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia.

His main research interests include:

  • IT project management
  • Information systems adoption
  • technology/innovation diffusion and planning
  • and decision making.

Amir was in charge of the Unijobs Lecturer of the Year Award in 2013. He was rated as the Griffith’s 2nd best lecturer by Unijobs in 2013.

Amir has published over 80 referred publications including more than 50 journal articles in prestigious journals such as:

  • Information and Organization
  • International Journal of Project Management (3 papers – IJPM is one of the world’s top journals on project management)
  • Information Technology and People
  • Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST)
  • Journal of Systems and Software
  • British Journal of Educational Technologies
  • and International Journal of Information Management.

Amir has been in receipt of several internal/external research and teaching/learning grants.


  • PhD, UNSW, Australia, 2011

Key publications

Year Citation
2014 Tavana, M., Ghapanchi, A. H., & Talaei-Khoei, A. (140731). Preface.

doi: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6316-9

Year Citation
2018 Ghapanchi, A. H., & Talaei-Khoei, A. (180101). Rethinking technology acceptance: Towards a theory of technology utilization Paper presented at Americas Conference on Information Systems 2018: Digital Disruption, AMCIS 2018.

Year Citation
2018 Ghanbarzadeh, R., & Ghapanchi, A. H. (180501). Investigating various application areas of three-dimensional virtual worlds for higher education. British Journal of Educational Technology, 49(3), (370-384).

doi: 10.1111/bjet.12538

2015 Ghapanchi, A. H., & Tavana, M. (151002). A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Open Source Software Project Characteristics on Positive Outcomes. Information Systems Management, 32(4), (285-298).

doi: 10.1080/10580530.2015.1079999

2015 Lee, T., Ghapanchi, A. H., Talaei-Khoei, A., & Ray, P. (150401). Strategic information system planning in healthcare organizations. Journal of Organizational and End User Computing, 27(2), (1-31).

doi: 10.4018/joeuc.2015040101

2015 Najaftorkaman, M., Ghapanchi, A. H., Talaei-Khoei, A., & Ray, P. (150301). A taxonomy of antecedents to user adoption of health information systems: A synthesis of thirty years of research. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 66(3), (576-598).

doi: 10.1002/asi.23181

2015 Alkhatib, M. A., Talaei-Khoei, A., & Ghapanchi, A. H. (150101). Analysis of research in healthcare data analytics. ACIS 2015 Proceedings - 26th Australasian Conference on Information Systems,
2014 Ghapanchi, A. H., Wohlin, C., & Aurum, A. (140101). Resources contributing to gaining competitive advantage for open source software projects: An application of resource-based theory. International Journal of Project Management, 32(1), (139-152).

doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2013.03.002

2012 Ghapanchi, A. H., Tavana, M., Khakbaz, M. H., & Low, G. (121001). A methodology for selecting portfolios of projects with interactions and under uncertainty. International Journal of Project Management, 30(7), (791-803).

doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2012.01.012

2012 Ghapanchi, A. H., & Aurum, A. (120501). The impact of project capabilities on project performance: Case of open source software projects. International Journal of Project Management, 30(4), (407-417).

doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2011.10.002

Research funding for the past 5 years

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Western Health - Western at Home, Service Governance Design Project
Other investigators: Mrs Afrooz Purarjomandlangrudi
For period: 2023-2024
Not disclosed

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Currently supervised research students at VU

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1 PhD Principal supervisor
1 PhD Integrated Principal supervisor

Currently supervised research students at VU

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PhD (1) Principal supervisor
PhD Integrated (1) Principal supervisor


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