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Dr Zeljko Pedisic

MEd (University of Zagreb), PhD (University of Zagreb)

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Health and Sport

Zeljko Pedisic is a public health researcher interested in epidemiology and measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour. He is currently working as a senior research fellow in the Active Living & Public Health Program at VU's Institute for Health and Sport.

His academic career started at the University of Zagreb where he worked for nine years as a methodological consultant and lecturer in statistics and theory of measurement. In 2011/12, he was an Erasmus Mundus funded postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Sport Science, Karl-Franzens University of Graz. In 2013, he joined the Prevention Research Collaboration at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney to continue his postdoctoral research. Since August 2015, he has been employed as a research fellow at the Institute for Health and Sport.

His publication record includes more than 60 papers, out of which 27 were published in international peer reviewed journals. He authored a university textbook of quantitative methods, two book chapters and three evidence-based reports. He worked as a statistical/methodological consultant for 33 masters theses and 11 doctoral dissertations. He participated in four international and 11 national/local research projects. Currently, he works as a project team member and work package leader in a European Union project, with the total budget of 980,000 dollars.

He is a holder of several academic awards; the most prestigious being the Croatian National Award for Young Researchers, Croatian Parliament, 2010.

Recent publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Pedisic, Z., Bauman, A. (2015). Accelerometer-based measures in physical activity surveillance: current practices and issues. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 49(4):219-223.

Pedisic, Z., Greblo, Z., Phongsavan, P., Milton, K., Bauman, AE. (2015). Are total, intensity- and domain-specific physical activity levels associated with life satisfaction among university students?. PLOS ONE, 10(2): e0118137.

Bennie, JA., Pedisic, Z., Timperio, A., Crawford, D., Dunstan, D., Bauman, A., van Uffelen, J., Salmon, J. (2015). Total and domain-specific sitting time among employees in desk-based work settings in Australia. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 39(3), 237-242.

Kite, J., Hector, D., St George, A., Pedisic, Z., Phongsavan, P., Bauman, A., Mitchell, J., Bellew, B. (2015). Comprehensive sector-wide strategies to prevent and control obesity: what are the potential health and broader societal benefits? A case study from Australia. Public Health Research & Practice, 25(4), e2541545.

Pedisic, Z., Grunseit, A., Ding, D., Chau, JY., Banks, E., Stamatakis, E., Jalaludin, BB., Bauman, AE. (2014). High sitting time or obesity: which came first? Bidirectional association in a longitudinal study of 31,787 Australian adults. Obesity, 22(10), 2126-2130.

Book chapters

Bauman, A., Pedisic, Z., Bragg, K. (2015). Objective measurement in physical activity surveillance: present role and future potential. In: Shephard, RJ., Tudor-Locke, C. (Eds.), Contributions of accelerometry to epidemiology, exercise science and rehabilitation. Springer.

Jurakić, D., Greblo, Z., Pedisic, Z. (2014). Tjelesna aktivnost [Physical Activity]. In: Kutnjak-Kis, R. (Ed.), Živimo zdravo – Savjeti za zdrav zivot i kontrolu kronicnih nezaraznih bolesti [Live healthy! – Guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases] (pp. 55-70). Čakovec: Zavod za javno zdravstvo Međimurske županije.

Academic reports

St George, A., Kite, J., Hector, D., Pedisic, Z., Bellew, B., Bauman, A. (2014). Beyond overweight and obesity – HEAL targets for overweight and obesity and the six HEAL objectives: A rapid review of the evidence (pp. 1-71). An Evidence Check brokered by The Sax Institute for the NSW Ministry of Health. Sydney, NSW: The Sax Institute.

Chau, J., Zhong, A., Pedisic, Z., Bonfiglioli, C., Bauman, A. (2014). Sitting in the news: An analysis of sedentary behaviour coverage in Australian newspaper (pp. 1-10). A report prepared for the National Heart Foundation of Australia. Sydney, NSW: Prevention Research Collaboration.

Research grants

2015-2017. Hamalainen, T., Hartmann, H., Kokko, S., Koski, P., Livson, M., Oja, P., Pedisic, Z., Savola, J. Promoting National Implementation for Sport Club for Health Programmes in EU Member States. Erasmus+ collaborative partnerships project, ref: 556953-EPP-1-2014-1-FI-SPO-SCP ($980,000)

2011-2012. Pedisic, Z. Erasmus Mundus JoinEU-SEE Postdoctoral Research Fellowship ($15,900)

Appearances in the media

Guest on the talk show "From the world of science" on the Croatian National Radio, November 2014.


Areas of expertise

  • Applied statistics
  • Physical activity epidemiology
  • Physical activity measurement
  • Sedentary behaviour measurement
  • Survey design
  • Theory of measurement

Contact details

+61 3 9919 5275