Yuan Miao is a professor and the Head of the Information Technology Discipline in the College of Engineering and Science. He is the member of college management team.

Yuan's research interests are fuzzy cognitive modelling, intelligent technologies, edutainment and eHealth. He has made two contributions to the area of fuzzy cognitive mapping (FCM) which were among the top ten most cited work on FCM from 2000 to 2016.

Yuan received his PhD from Tsinghua University in 1996. He has been an associate professor at Tsinghua University, assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University and became a tenured (associate) professor in Victoria University in 2004.

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Selected publications

Refereed journal articles

X.H. Tao, Y. Miao, Y. C. Zhang (2012) "Cooperative-competitive healthcare service negotiation", International Journal of Software and Informatics, vol. 6, no. 4, pp.553-570.

Y. Miao, C. Y. Miao, X.H. Tao, Z.Q. Shen, Z.Q. Liu (2010) “Transformation of Cognitive Maps”, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Vol 18, No. 1, pp114-124.

X. B. Yang, Y. Miao (2009) “Distributed Agent based Interoperable Virtual EMR System for Healthcare System Integration”, Journal of Medical Systems.

Y. Miao, Z.Q. Liu, C. K. Siew, C.Y. Miao (2001) "Dynamic Cognitive Network-an Extension of Fuzzy Cognitive Map", IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy Systems, Vol 19, No5, pp.760-770.

Y. Miao, Z.Q. Liu (2000) "On causal inference in Fuzzy Cognitive Map: Binary Concept States", IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy Systems, Vol. 8, No.1, pp107-119.

Conference presentations

Y. Miao (2014), "Modelling Dynamic Causal Relationships in Fuzzy Cognitive Maps", 2014 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems.

Y. Miao (2012) “Visualising Fuzzy Cognitive Maps”, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, pp1-8.

Y. Miao, X. B. Yang (2010) “An FSM based GUI Test Automation Model”, the 11th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, ICARCV.

X. B. Yang, Y. Miao and Y.C. Zhang (2009) “GP eConnect: Extends e-referrals exchange to healthcare providers' collaborations”, IADIS eHealth 2009. Algarve, Portugal.

Y. Miao (2008) "An Intelligent Tutoring System Using Interest Based Negotiation", the 10th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, ICARCV.


Completions: 5 PhD students.

Supervision and co-supervision of 4 PhD students.

Selected research grants

2016 - 2018: ARC Linkage grant on privacy-preserving data sharing in electronic health environment from ARC and NEXUS, $435,467.

2016-2018: Science Group grant on data analysis and knowledge modeling in SPDT, from Science Group, $120,000.

2010 -2013: ARC Linkage grant on data exchange in health information systems from AR and WGPN, $685,000.

2010: Internal funding grant on adaptive health management from Victoria University, $77,000. 

2009 - 2011: International grant on cognitive agent from NRF Singapore, $1,200,000. 

2008: Microsoft Research grant on mathematics learning game from Microsoft Asia, $15,000. 

Areas of expertise

  • Agile software development and system integration
  • e-Health
  • Edutainment
  • Fuzzy cognitive map
  • Knowledge modelling and hybrid intelligence
  • Software engineering

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 4605