Prof. Yanchun Zhang is the Director of the Centre for Applied Informatics (CAI), and coordinates a multidisciplinary e-research program across the University.  

CAI's program focuses on application driven and multidisciplinary research involving collaboration among experts from different fields, particularly in the ICT area and its applications in health care, community, business, and environmental studies.  

Prof. Zhang is an international research leader in databases, data mining, health informatics, web information systems, and web services. He has published over 220 research papers in international journals and conferences proceedings, and authored/edited 12 books.

His research has been supported by a number of Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage projects and discovery project grants. His research has made significant impacts on society. For example, the multidisciplinary research into e-health has produced software systems and mapping tools to assist relevant government/industry organisations establish health needs, allowing the development of policy based on firm evidence. Some of the organisations assisted include:

  • World Health Organization
  • Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services
  • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
  • Westgate General Practice Network, Melbourne.

Prof Zhang is the Editor-In-Chief of World Wide Web journal (Springer), and Health Information Science and Systems (BioMed Central). He is Chairman of the International Web Information Systems Engineering Society (WISE Society.)

He has won VU's Medal for Excellence in Research in 2005, and the VU Vice Chancellor's Peak Award for Research and Research Training in Research Supervision in 2011, respectively.

Prof Zhang was a member of ARC College of Experts from 2008 to 2010.

He received the National "Thousand Talent Program" Award from China in 2010, and is currently a director on the Australia-China Joint Lab on Social Computing and E-Health, a joint initiative from Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science and Victoria University.

Current projects

ARC Linkage projects

  • Real-time and self-adaptive stream data analyser for intensive care management
  • Data exchange and service integration with applications in health information systems
  • Data enhancement, integration and access services for smarter, collaborative and adaptive whole of water cycle management

ARC Discovery project

  • Privacy protection in distributed data mining

ARC funding in Centre for Applied Informatics

  • Y. Zhang, J. He, P. de Souza, Using Data Mining Methods to Remove Uncertainties in Sensor Data Streams, ARC Discovery Project (DP130101327), 2013-2016 ($270,000)
  • J. He, Accurate and Online Abnormality Detection in Multiple Correlated Time Series, Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) (DE130100911), 2013-2016 ($339,434)
  • Y. Zhang, X. Yi, J. He, M. Steyn, K. Taraporewalla, J. Cao Real-time and Self- Adaptive Stream Data Analyser for Intensive Care Management, ARC Linkage Project (LP100200682), 2010-2013 ($345,000)
  • Y. Miao and Y. Zhang, Data Exchange and Service Integration with Applications in Health Information Systems, ARC Linkage Project (LP100100624), 2010-2012  ($312,453)
  • X  Zhou, J L Hunter, Y Zhang, S Sadiq and E G Abal, Data Enhancement, Integration and Access Services for Smarter, Collaborative and Adaptive Whole of Water Cycle Management, ARC Linkage Project, 2008-2010  ($270,603)
  • X Yi and Y Zhang, Privacy Protection in Distributed Data Mining, ARC Discovery Project, 2007-2009. ($165,708)
  • Y. Zhang, C. Liu, J. Yang and M. Papazoglou, A Framework for Consistent Collaborative Business Transactions, ARC  Discovery , 2005-2007 ($218,000)
  • Y. Zhang,  H. Shi and E. Beal, P2P research network for  digital legal information sharing and management, ARC e-Research, 2005-2006 ($75,000)
Yanchun Zhang

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