Dr Nhi Tran is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University.

Her expertise and research focus on the development and application of national and regional computer general equilibrium (CGE) models for the analysis of socio-economic impacts of various policy changes in Australia and overseas.

Examples of her work include:

  • the construction of dynamic CGE models with extensive fiscal detail for the Vietnamese Ministry of Finance, the Malaysian Ministry of Finance and the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • the construction of labour market forecasting models for Vietnam and Oman
  • the construction of a multiregional dynamic model of Australia with migration detail
  • modelling of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in a dynamic regional CGE model for Australia.

The models were used to analyse a wide range of economic policies, including tax reform, fiscal stimulus package, trade liberalisation, climate change adaptation, rice land designation policy, labour market forecasts and immigration policies.

In the health economics field, she has participated in projects to use a global CGE model to assess the impacts of hypothetical pandemics, such as Ebola and influenza. She is an active member of the GTAP community, contributing the Vietnamese, Singapore and Malaysian databases to the GTAP 9.0 database.

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Zawalinska, K., Tran N.H. and  Ploszaj A. (2018), 'R&D in a post centrally-planned economy: the macroeconomic effects in Poland', Journal of Policy Modeling. Vol. 10(1), pp. 37-59.

Tran, Nhi H., Roos, E.L., Giesecke, J.A. and Madden, J.R. (forthcoming) Can regionally-targeted temporary visas be an effective policy instrument? – a general equilibrium analysis. In J. Poot and M. Roskruge (eds) Population Change and Impacts in Asia and the Pacific. New Frontiers in Regional Science: Asia Perspectives, Singapore: Springer.

Mariano, M., Giesecke J.A., Tran, Nhi H. (2015), 'The effects of domestic rice market interventions outside business-as-usual conditions for imported rice prices', Applied Economics, Vol. 47, Issue 8, pp. 809-832.

Giesecke, J.A., Tran, Nhi H., Meagher A., Pang, F. (2015), 'A decomposition approach to labour market forecasting', Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, Vol. 20, Issue , pp. 243-270.  

Giesecke, J.A., Tran, Nhi H., E. Corong and S. Jaffee (2013), 'Rice Land Designation Policy in Vietnam and the Implications of Policy Reform for Food Security and Economic Welfare', Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 49(9), pp. 1202-1218.

Conference presentations

Adams, P.D, Giesecke J.A., Tran, Nhi H. (2015), “Integrated labour market modelling: Forecast of future employment requirements for Oman”, presented at the 18th GTAP conference, 17-19 June 2015, Melbourne.

View all of Dr Nhi Tran's publications in the VU Research Repository.

Teaching responsibilities

Teaching at various CGE modelling courses organised by the Centre of Policy Studies in Melbourne and overseas. The courses include comparative static modelling, dynamic modelling, and regional modelling.

Professional memberships

Industry experience

Have worked in various positions in the cultural and educational services.

Areas of expertise

  • Taxation reforms, especially the value-added tax
  • Migration policies
  • Skill shortage and labour market forecasting
  • Trade reforms
  • Agricultural policies
  • Climate change adaptation policies
  • Regional modelling
  • Economic impacts of health pandemics

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 1502