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Dr Mark Vicars

PhD, MA (Educational Research), MEd, MA (Sheffield, UK), PGCE (Hull, UK), BA (Leicester, UK), DipTESOL (Trinity College London, UK), CertTESOL (Cambridge, UK), LLAM, LRAM (London, UK)

Associate Professor

Following 24 years of working in education in several countries, with 15 of those in higher education, Mark has extensive international experience of teaching and learning in Australia, Asia and the UK.

Mark’s philosophy of praxis is underpinned by the principles of social justice and as a scholar, researcher and teacher Mark enjoys working collaboratively.

Mark’s teaching is highly evaluated, based on a commitment to working with undergraduate and postgraduate students from diverse countries, cultures, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. Throughout his career, Mark has produced an integrated body of work that has fundamentally been focused upon engaging with issues of social justice and working with teacher-learners to provide a transformative student experience.

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Vicars, M. & Atkins, L. (2016) Feminine men and masculine women: in/exclusion in the academy, Journal of Education and Training.

Vicars, M. & Mckenna, T. (2015) In the thick of things: Drama as a qualitative methodology. Qualitative Research Journal, 15 (4) pp.416 - 429.

Vicars, M. & Mckenna, T. & Cacciattolo, M. (2015) Behind closed doors: Negotiating the ethical borgs in qualitative inquiry, Qualitative Research Journal, Vol 15 (2) pp.98-108.

Vicars, M. (2015) Becoming undone by the strangeness of the familiar, Journal of Asian Critical Education, Vol 1 (2) pp. 72-85.

Vicars, M. & Davis, I. (2014) Across intergenerational masculinities: Straight divisions, gay multiplications, Qualitative Research Journal, Vol. 14 (1) pp.79 - 88.


Vicars, M. (manuscript in preparation for publication in 2016) Queer goings-on: Performing pedagogy and autoethnography, New York: Peter Lang.

Mckenna, T., Cacciatollo, M. & Vicars, M. (2013) (Eds) Engaging the disengaged, CUP: Cambridge.

Mckenna, T. & Vicars, M. (2013) Will the real evidence please stand up: Discourse, power, and resistance down under Vol 2, Sense: Rotterdam.

Mckenna, T., Vicars. M. & White, J. (2012) Discourse, power, and resistance down under Vol 1, Sense: Rotterdam.

Vicars, M. (2009) Dissenting Fictions; Investigating the literacy practices of gay men, Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag.

Refereed chapters

Vicars, M. (2016) A Code of our own: Making meaning queerly, in Ling, L. & Ling, P. (Eds) Methods and paradigms in education research, IGI Global Publishers.

Vicars, M. (2016) Grease: There are worse things I could do, in Austin, J. (Ed) Spinning popular culture, Sense: Rotterdam.

Vicars, M. (2016) Suspicious, suspect and vulnerable: Going beyond the call and duty of ethics in life history, in Sikes, P. & Goosdon, I. (Eds) The Routledge International Handbook on Narrative and Life History, London: Routledge.

Vicars, M. (2016) Language and identity: A case of critical community pedagogy in rural Thailand, in Reynolds, W. (Ed) Forgotten places: Critical studies in rural education, New York: Peter Lang.

Vicars, M. (2016) Rethinking literacy paradigms and practices for the 21st century, in Seely Flint, A., Kiston, L., Lowe, K. & Shaw K. (Eds) Literacy in Australia: Pedagogies for engagement, Milton, Queensland: Wiley & Sons publishers.

Conference presentations

Vicars, M. (2015) Keynote: What a difference a gay makes: Homonormativity, inclusion and LGBTQ youth, University of Western Scotland.

Vicars, M. (2015) Keynote: Don’t look now: Situated ethics and the participatory gaze, Northumbria University, UK.

Vicars, M. (2015) Keynote: Putting the queer/in as a methodological project; in other words: critical ontology and dialectical knowing in post qualitative research, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Departament de Psicologia Social, Alumna.

Vicars, M. (2014) LGBT equity in Australian schools: A very queer agenda, 2014 Diamond series: Education conversations in the community, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Vicars, M. (2013) Arts based educational research. An impossible possibility? International Institute of Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership conference, University of Malta 14-18 October, 2013.

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Teaching responsibilities

Teaching of year 4 Change and Social Justice, teaching and coordination of MTeach Literacy in Education.

Postgraduate research students and fellows

Principal supervisor of 7 PhD students, associate supervisor of 1 Doctoral student.

Research grants

2015 Endeavour Grant, Australian Government ($54,000).

2015 New Colombo Plan, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Asia Mobility Funding ($55,000).

2014 New Colombo Plan, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Asia Mobility Funding ($55,000).

2014 Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education ($65,000).

2011 Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade ($35,000).

Professional memberships

Industry experience

  • International Editorial Board member Critical Departures in Qualitative Inquiry, Series Editor, Praxis of English Language Teaching, Rotterdam, Sense Publishers
  • Editor, Creative Approaches to Research Journal
  • Editor, Qualitative Research Journal
  • International Editorial Board member, International Journal of Research and Method in Education
  • Member Editorial Board Global Studies of Childhood Journal
  • Member Editorial Board Taboo

Areas of expertise

  • Arts-based inquiry
  • Literacy
  • Narrative Inquiry
  • Post–qualitative research
  • Qualitative methodologies
  • Sexuality and gender

Contact details

+61 3 9919 2052