Laurie has been a lecturer in psychology at VU since 2011. Previously, she taught undergraduate human development classes at Colorado State University for several years while completing her masters and PhD.

Her research experience relates to risk behaviours and resilience of children and adolescents from various populations. Laurie’s current research interests are in the resilience of youth from the western suburbs of Melbourne, investigating outcomes like psychological wellbeing and positive attitudes towards education, as well as youth programs to build resilience.

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Parkhill, A. Deans, C. L., & Chapin, L. C. (2018) Pre-leadership processes in leadership training for adolescents. Children and Youth Services Review.

Chapin, L. A. (2018). Australian university students’ access to web-based lecture recordings and the relationship with lecture attendance and academic performance. Australiansian Journal of Educational Technology.

Chapin, L. A. (2015). Mexican-American Boys’ positive outcomes and resilience: Importance of social support and individual attributes. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 24, 1791-1799.

Chapin, L. A., & Altenhofen, S. (2010). Neurocognitive perspectives in language outcomes of Early Head Start. Infant Mental Health Journal, 31(5), 486-498.

Chapin, L. A., & Yang, R. K. (2009). Perceptions of social support in urban at-risk boys and girls. Journal of At-Risk Issues, 15(1), 1-7.

Manuscripts in preparation

Chapin, L. A. A multisystem, longitudinal study of resilience factors and positive educational outcomes for Mexican-American youth.

Conference presentations

Chapin, L. A. & Zileski, D. Reaching for the stars: Investigating educational aspirations and expectations within a resilience framework. Poster presentation, Pathways to Resilience Conference, June 2015.

Chapin, L. A. & Cigdem, M. Mentor Support and University Aspirations and Expectations: Youth from Divorced and Non-Divorced Families. Paper presentation, Pathways to Resilience Conference, June 2015.

Chapin, L. A. & Henry, K. L. Longitudinal predictors of high school and college graduation for Mexican American youth. Poster presentation, Society for Research in Child Development, April 2013.

Chapin, L. A. & Altenhofen, S. An evaluation of the effectiveness of programs for the language development of children birth to 3 years from low-income families: Understanding the variables that affect early neurodevelopment. Paper presentation, Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, April 2007.

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Teaching responsibilities

Unit coordination

Postgraduate research students & fellows

Current supervision

1 PhD student (co-supervised)


Since 2011, Dr Chapin has supervised 18 honours and graduate diploma students and four masters students.

Research grant

Dr Chapin and Dr Carolyn Deans currently have a 3-year research grant to evaluate a program for youth called 5678 operated by Polyglot Theatre.

Areas of expertise

  • Adolescent development
  • Educational outcomes and resilience of vulnerable youth
  • Interventions for building positive outcomes for youth

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