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Professor Kathy Laster

Director, Sir Zelman Cowen Centre

Professor Laster took up her position as Director of the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre in January 2015, and successfully gained funding for the Centre’s Courts and Tribunals Academy shortly after. Her primary role is to provide strategic direction and management for the Centre, both in terms of securing funds and client relations.

After more than a decade in various leadership roles throughout the public sector, Professor Laster resumed her academic career in 2011 which has seen her publish an extensive range of peer-reviewed articles and journals within the field of criminology, legal history and gender and multiculturalism in relation to the law. Many of these contributions have been highly influential on the public and legal sectors, as has her work regarding the promotion of access and equity throughout the legal system.

Professor Laster completed her Master of Arts at the University of Melbourne, before going on to complete a Master of Laws followed by a Doctorate of Juridical Science, both of which were undertaken at the University of Columbia in New York.

Recent publications

Book chapters

Laster K., McKinna, S., Wade, E. (2013), ‘Court administrator education’. In Feming, D. (ed) Australian courts: Serving Democracy and its publics, The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration, pp. 93-117.

Laster, K., O’Malley, P. (2013), ‘Sensitive new-age laws: The reassertion of emotionality in law’. In Greco, M. and Stenner, P. (eds) Emotions: A Social Science Reader, Routledge, pp. 396-400.

Journal articles

Laster, K., Erez, E. (2015), ‘Sisters in terrorism? Exploding stereotypes’. In Women and Criminal Justice, Vol. 25, Issue 1-2, pp. 83-99.

Kornhauser, R., Laster, K. (2014), ‘Punitiveness in Australia: electronic monitoring vs the prison’. In Crime, Law and Social Change, Vol. 62, Issue 4, pp. 445-474.

Laster, K. (2011), ‘Separation of powers though separation of administration?’ In Alternative Law Journal, Vol. 36, Issue 2, p. 135.

Lawrence, J. Bowness, K. Levine, G. Laster, K. (2010) ‘Children’s courts and child protection: developing an evidence-informed approach’ Australian Journal of Family Law Vol. 24, Issue 1, pp 57-71.

Conference papers

Laster, K. (2011), 'Legal education as second language acquisition'. 2nd Combined Conference of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia and the Applied Linguistics Association of New Zealand, University of Canberra and Australian National University, 20 November – 2 December 2011.

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+61 3 9919 1842