Karen Livesay is the Simulated Learning Coordinator and a Senior Lecturer in Acute Care for the College of Health & Biomedicine.

Karen has experience in many aspects of health care provision, as a clinical emergency nurse, nurse manager and nurse educator prior to commencing in an academic role.

The importance of safe practice and authentic preparation for practice for nursing students was a motivator for Karen's lead in implementation of simulated learning pedagogy in the Bachelor of Nursing.


Refereed journal articles

Livesay, K., Lau, P., McNair, R. & Chiminello, C. (2017). The culturally and linguistically diverse SPs’ evaluation of simulation experience, Clinical Simulation in Nursing,13 (5), 228 – 237. doi:10.1016/j.ecns.2017.01.004 

Hallam, K. T., Livesay, K., Morda, R., Sharples, J., Jones, A. & de Courten, M. (2016). Do commencing nursing and paramedicine students differ in interprofessional learning and practice attitudes: Evaluating course, socio-demographic and individual personality effects. BMC medical education, 16(1), 1.

Lau, P. M. Y., Woodward-Kron, R., Livesay, K., Elliott, K. & Nicholson, P. (2016). Cultural respect encompassing simulation training: Being heard about health through broadband. Journal of public health research, 5(1).

Livesay, K., Lawrence, K. & Miller, C. (2015), Making the most of simulated learning: Understanding and managing perceptions, Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 12(1), 1-10.

Conference presentations

Livesay, K (2017) Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Simulated Patients, Workshop, International meeting of Society for Simulation in Healthcare, Orlando Florida. 

Livesay, K. (2016) Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) simulated patients’ stories of experience: An exploration of perspectives using interpretive narrative inquiry, Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM).

Gabb, R., Milne, L., Livesay, K. & Funk, R. (2015) Innovation in interprofessional curriculum design workshop, Interprofessional Health, Education & Practice International Conference.

Livesay, K. & Fisher, A. (2015) Establishing Australia's first purpose built university interprofessional health and wellbeing clinic, Interprofessional Health, Education & Practice International Conference.

Armatas, C., Gabb, R., Livesay, K., Funk, R. & Spratt, C. (2015) Designing learning experiences for pre-service health courses to develop interprofessional practice skills: Evaluation of a pilot curriculum implementation, HERDSA.

Livesay, K. Spratt, C. Armatas, C. Funk, R. & Gabb, R. (2015) Learning through simulation to immerse students in interprofessional practice, HERDSA.

Research grants

Department of Health – SLE Capacity Building Projects 2015

Achieving the Best in the West – Stripe and CREST In collaboration with Western Health (WH), Victoria University (VU) and the University of Melbourne (UoM), Lead organization WH, VU CI Karen Livesay $219,804.00

Cultural Respect Encompassing Simulation Training (CREST), 2013 Being Heard about Health through Broadband – Institute for a broadband enabled society (IBES) Seed funding project. Dr Phyllis Lau (UoM), Assoc Prof Robyn Woodward-Kron (UoM), Karen Livesay (VU), Dr Patricia Nicholson (UoM), Dr Kris Elliott (UoM). CI, Dr Phyllis Lau $33,850.

ACU teaching development grant: In collaboration with Stephen Guinea (ACU, Georgia Clarkson (ACU) and Therese Worme (LTU) - Exploring the benefits of a validated nursing framework for post simulation debriefing for undergraduate midwifery and paramedicine students; $19,879

HWA SLE funding: Achieving the best for the west – Developing cultural sensitivity training through simulation – project lead in collaboration with University of Melbourne and Centre for Ethnicity and Health; $347,351.40

HWA SLE funding: - Achieving the Best for the West – Expanding Interprofessional Simulation Learning through Optizmizing Patient Safety and Embedding Cultural Sensitivity Programs in collaboration with University of Melbourne and Western Health; $395,850

Professional membership

Simulation Australiasia

Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH)

Victorian Simulation Alliance (VSA) Elected Vice President

Areas of expertise

  • Emergency nursing
  • Nursing
  • Simulated learning

Contact details

(03) 9919 2123
(03) 9919 2832