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Professor James Giesecke

BEc (Hons), PhD (Uni Adelaide)

Director, Centre of Policy Studies

James is the Director of the Centre of Policy Studies. His research is in the development of large-scale multi-regional and national computable general equilibrium (CGE) models, and the application of these models to the analysis of the determinants of economic growth and structural change, forecasting, and policy analysis.

He has published over thirty papers in peer-reviewed journals and edited books on these topics. He has twenty years of experience undertaking contract economic research projects, completing over a hundred commissioned projects, on a wide range of topics, for private and public sector organisations, both nationally and internationally.

Recent major projects include:

  • UNDP-financed project to develop, apply and transfer a dynamic fiscal CGE model for Vietnam Ministry of Finance
  • World Bank-financed project to analyse the economic impact of adaptation to climate change in Vietnam
  • World Bank financed project to investigate rice market policy interventions in Vietnam
  • AusAid-financed project to develop a large-scale labour market forecasting model for the Vietnam Ministry of Labour.

He has developed and delivered training courses in static and dynamic CGE modelling in Australia, Germany, the Philippines, Brazil, Italy, Vietnam, Poland, the U.S. and South Africa.

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Roos, L. and J.A. Giesecke, (2014) “The economic effects of lowering HIV incidence in South Africa”, Economic Modelling, (forthcoming).

Mariano, M. and J.A. Giesecke, (2014), “The macroeconomic and food security implications of price interventions in the Philippine rice market”, Economic Modelling, Vol. 37, February, pp. 350-361.

Giesecke, J.A., N.H. Tran, E. Corong and S. Jaffee, (2013), “Rice Land Designation Policy in Vietnam and the Implications of Policy Reform for Food Security and Economic Welfare”, Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 49(9), pp. 1202-1218.

Giesecke, J.A. and J.R. Madden, (2013), “Evidence-based regional economic policy analysis: the role of CGE modelling”, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, Vol. 6(2), pp. 285-301.

Zawalinska, K., J. Giesecke, and M. Horridge (2013), “The consequences of LFA support: a multi-regional CGE analysis for Poland”, Agricultural and Food Science, Vol. 22(2), pp. 272-287.

Refereed chapters

Giesecke, J.A. and J.R. Madden (2013), “Regional computable general equilibrium modeling”, in P.B. Dixon and D. Jorgenson, editors, Handbook of Computable General Equilibrium Modeling, North Holland.

View James' publications in the Victoria University Research Repository.

Postgraduate research students and fellows

Completions: James has supervised 4 PhD students at Monash University.

Research grants

  • Development of a dynamic model of the Omani economy (with P. Adams and N. Tran). Report to Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 2014.
  • Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment Reform: Economic Modelling (with K. Hanslow and N. Tran). Report to Heavy Vehicle Charging Inquiry, Victorian Department of Transport, 2013.
  • Modelling the National and Regional Economic Effects of Net Overseas Migration (with L. Roos and N.H. Tran) Report to the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship, September 2012.
  • Building Capacity to Develop and Manage Vocational and Education Training Policies, and to Analyse Associated Changes in the Distribution of Income, in Response to New Development Challenges, (with G.A. Meagher, N.H. Tran, and F. Pang) AusAID PSLP funded project, for Vietnam Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs (ILSSA), Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs (MOLISA), February 2012.
  • The Economic Effects of Interventions in the Vietnamese Rice Market (with N.H. Tran). Centre of Policy Studies report to The World Bank, June 2011.

Professional memberships

  • The Economics Society of Australia

Appearances in the media

Areas of expertise

  • Analysis of the determinants of economic growth
  • And policy analysis
  • Economic modelling
  • Forecasting
  • National computable general equilibrium (CGE) models
  • Structural change
James Giesecke

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