Dr Hui Shi joined Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies (VISES) in mid 2014.

After completing PhD in Economics in 2011 at Monash University, Hui worked as an economist in REMPLAN, specialising in regional economic modelling.

She has undertaken several projects in economic impact assessment and cost benefit analysis. She is now working on modelling the economic and social returns from interventions to reduce mortality and morbidity from non-communicable diseases and mental disorders.

Hui has a strong interest in theoretical economic modelling and econometric analysis.

She has applied her expertise in regional economic development, tourism promotion, and health intervention.

Current research includes:

  • microeconomic theory
  • public policy
  • applied economics in health and education.

Recent publications

Shi, H. and Li, C.H. (2014) Tourism promotion, increasing returns and domestic welfare, The World Economy, 37 (2): 995-1015.

Shi, H. (2012) The efficiency of government promotion of inbound tourism: The case of Australia, Economic Modelling, 29(6): 2711-2718.

Shi, H. and Smith, R. (2012) Economies of scale in the Australian tourism industry, Applied Economics, 44(33): 4355-4367.

Han, S.F., Xiang, G.C. and Shi, H. (2007) An appropriate extension and evaluation of Yang-Ng indirect pricing theory, System Engineering, 25(6), 2007, in Chinese.

Tian, Y.H. and Shi, H. (2006) The contractual nature of family and a contractual governance pattern study of medium and small sized family enterprises in China, Journal of Hunan University of Science and Technology (social sciences edition), 9(3), 2006, in Chinese.

Successful research grants

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowships Research Start-up Funds, Victoria University (2014): $12,000
  • Central Research Grant Scheme, Victoria University (2015): $12,744.

Contact details