Elisabeth is a Professor of Business with the Victoria University Business School and Research Fellow with the Institute of Sport and Health and Victoria University (VU).

Since coming to VU, Elisabeth has been Head of the School of Management and Information Systems during 2012 and in 2013 was Director of the Victoria Graduate School of Business (VGSB). She has also held the role of Director of Research and Research Training.

Elisabeth’s expertise is in areas of leadership, integrity, innovation, individual-team-organisational capability, technology adoption, health services research such process evaluation in Randomised Control Trials and interventions for complex systems.

She studies the interaction among leadership and innovation on individual, contextual and climates and cultures that support high level performance and innovation adoption. A significant focus of her research is in health, sport and wellbeing and she has won a Discovery Grant and is currently CI on a 2.3 million dollar Cat.1 Grant in Mental Health.

In the sport context her passion is on leadership integrity and creating systems wide leadership to address corruption and unethical behaviour. Her recent grants have been related to sport integrity and social media among separating parents.

Elisabeth has held prior full time academic roles at Monash University.

Her industry work is change management, leadership development, sport integrity, project management of information systems implementation, managing mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, team development, coaching, mentoring military psychology. Elisabeth brings both practical and research evidence to her teaching.

Teaching responsibilities




  • PhD Completions 5 (3 Principle)
  • DBA Completion 1
  • Honours/PG Dip Completions 6
  • Masters Completions 30

Current supervision

  • PhD 3 Principle, 3 Associate
  • DBA 6 Principle.

Research grants

2018 - current: Zeleznikow, J., Wilson-Evered, E., Bickerdike, A. ($20,000). The use and abuse of social media by separating parents, VU Out of Cycle Collaborative Grants Scheme.

2013 - 2017: Meadows, G., Brooker, J., Clarke, D., Inder, B., Mazza, D., Murphy, B., Russell, G., Julian, J., Shawyer, F., Enticott, J., Fossey, E., Edan, V., Thornton, C., Boase, A., Price, S., Grigg, M., Prewett, G., Steinbergs, H., Weller, P., Slade, M., Barnfield, J., Harmer, T., Osman, G., Hakesley, P., Minas, H., Kakuma, R., Brophy, L., Wilson-Evered, E. ($2,300,000). Principles Unite Local Services Assisting Recovery’. PULSAR Project: Recovery-oriented practice involves supporting a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. (Step-wedge Cluster RCT). Victoria Mental Illness Research Fund (MIRF) Grant. Vic Health.

2016: Wilson-Evered, E., Hemphill, D. ($50,000). Development of the Sport Integrity Readiness Tool and Toolkit, Sport Recreation Victoria, Department of Health and Social Services.

2016: Dai, Wei, Wilson-Evered, E., McGrath. G., Moynihan P., China Partners Bei Hang University Beijing, China. ($29,000). Leading-edge ICT to Support Green Growth and Sustainable Tourism. Australia China Council.

2015: Hemphill, D., Outram, S., Wilson-Evered, E., Spaaij, R., Fry, C., Westerbeek, H., Payne, W., Stewart, B. ($50,000). Victorian Sport Integrity Capability Analysis. Department of Health and Human Services, Sport and Recreation Victoria.


Refereed journal articles

Shawyer, F., Enticott, J., Brophy, L., Bruxner, A., Fossey, E., Inder, B., Julian, J., Kakuma, R., Weller, P., Wilson-Evered, E., Edan, V., Slade, M., & Meadows, G. N. (2017). The PULSAR Specialist Care protocol: A stepped-wedge cluster randomized control trial of a training intervention for community mental health teams in recovery-oriented practice. BMC Psychiatry, 17(1), 172.

Enticott, J. C., Shawyer, F., Brophy, L., Russell, G., Fossey, E., Inder, B., Mazza, D., Vasi, S., Weller, P. J., Wilson-Evered, E., Edan, V., & Meadows, G. (2016). The PULSAR primary care protocol: A stepped-wedge cluster randomized controlled trial to test a training intervention for general practitioners in recovery-oriented practice to optimize personal recovery in adult patients. BMC Psychiatry, 16(1), 451. doi:10.1186/s12888-016-1153-6

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Taylor, A., Cocklin, C., Brown, R., & Wilson-Evered, E. (2011). An investigation of champion-driven leadership processes. The Leadership Quarterly, 22(2), 412–433.


Wilson-Evered, E. Zeleznikow J. & Thomson, M. (2018) Online Dispute Resolution: Evidence for creating the ideal people and technology interface, Submission due July 2018 Springer-Verlag: Heidelberg.

Refereed book chapters

Wilson-Evered, E., McFarlane, D., Zeleznikow, J., & Thomson, M. (2011). Towards and On-Line Family Dispute Resolution Service in Australia. In M. Poblet (Ed.), Mobile Technologies for Conflict Management. Poblet (1st Edition). Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.

Wilson-Evered, E., Härtel, C. E. H., & Neal, M. (2004). Leadership and innovation surfacing synergies among theories and constructs. In A. Ghobadian, N. O’Regan, D. Gallear, & H. Viney (Eds.), Strategy and performance: Achieving competitive advantage in the global market place. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Wilson-Evered, E., Härtel, C. E. J., & Neale, M. (2001). A Longitudinal study of workgroup innovation: The importance of transformational leadership. Advances in health care management (Vol. 2, pp. 315-340): Elsevier Science.

Wilson-Evered, E., Dall, P., & Neale, M. (2001). The influence of leadership on innovation at work. In K. W. Parry (Ed.), Leadership in the antipodes: Findings, implications and a leader profile. Wellington, NZ: Institute of Policy Studies and Centre for the Study of Leadership.

Wilson-Evered, E., & Härtel, C. E. J. (2001). Creating a climate for innovation: A participative approach. In S. Sankaran, B. Dick, A. Davis, & P. Swepson (Eds.), Effective change management through action research and action learning: Experiences in the Asia Pacific. Lismore. NSW: Southern Cross University Press.

Griffin, M. A., Hart, P. M., & Wilson-Evered, E. (2000). Using employee opinion surveys to improve organizational health. In L. R. Murphy & C. L. Cooper (Eds.), Healthy and productive work: An international perspective (pp. 15-36). London: Taylor and Francis.

Conference presentations

Wilson-Evered, E., Keenan, M., & McGrath, G. M. (2018). Leadership in the Clinical Directorate: Insider Perspectives. Paper to be presented at the British Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK.

Iswahyudi, M. S., Wilson-Evered, E., & Thomas, K. (2018). Ethical Leadership Influences on Ethicality of Key Account Managers. Paper to be presented at the British Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK.

Hoang, G., Wilson-Evered, E., & Lockstone-Binney, L. (2018). Empowering Leadership, Context and Associations: A Systematic Literature Review. Paper to be presented at the British Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK.

Hoang, G., Wilson-Evered, E., & Lockstone-Binney, L. (2018). The impacts of leadership and organisational climate on innovation: Evidence from Vietnamese tourism SMEs. Paper to be presented at the CAUTHE-SMAANZ HDR conference, University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia

Wilson-Evered, E., & Moberley, B. (2017). Creating change in health practice: Situating the PARiHS Framework in Theory and Evidence. Paper presented at the British Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Warwick University, UK.

Ulpiano, R., Wilson-Evered, E., & Burgess, S. (2017). Adopting Practitioner Rating Websites: Assessing the influence of practitioner’ motivation and system perceptions. Paper presented at the British Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Warwick University, UK.

Hoang, G., Wilson-Evered, E., & Lockstone-Binney, L. (2017). Linking Leadership and Innovation: A Qualitative Study of Climate for Innovation in Tourism SMEs. Paper presented at the British Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Warwick University. UK.

View the full list of Elisabeth's publications in Victoria University's Research Repository.

Professional memberships

  • British Academy of Management
  • Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management.

Industry experience

2017 Judge, Fitness Awards

2002 Qualified Project Manager

201 - Chair, Standards Advisory Council, Fitness Australia

2016-2017 State Recreation Victoria; Development of Sport Integrity Tool and Toolkit

2015-2017 Research Advice, Mental Health Tribunal

2016-2017 Member, Western Health Services Research Collaboration

2012-2015 Chair, Industry Advisory Panel Management Discipline.

2009-2011 Industry Supervisor, Student Placements in Post Graduate Research in Psychology (UQ and Griffith Universities)

2004-2008 Lead, Centre for Organisational Research in Psychology Industry Supervisor, Research Centre and Industry

2006-2008 Lead, Peninsula Health Medical Mentoring Project.

2004-2008 Lead, GWA Australia, Leadership Development Program

2004-2008 Committee Member (various roles), Australian Psychological Association College of Organisational Psychology; include Project Leader of Membership subcommittee.

Appearances in the media

2017 Integrity kit protects grassroots sports, VU News, 29 May 2017.

2016 Fitness Australia announce formation of Industry Standards Council, Australia Standards Council, 28 November 2016. [Professor Elisabeth Wilson-Evered is now Chairperson]

2015 Wilson-Evered, E. and Hemphill, D. FIFA needs top-to-bottom overhaul if it is to survive The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, 4 June 2015.

2016 Sport Integrity Readiness Toolkit, Sport and Recreation Victoria.

2014 Hemphill, D. and Wilson-Evered, E. Sport Integrity: how best to achieve it. Sport Business Insider, 2 June, 2014.

Areas of expertise

  • organisational behaviour
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Leading Technology Adoption
  • Leadership Integrity in Sport
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • Leading Teams in Healthcare and Sport

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