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Professor Elisabeth Wilson-Evered

PhD (OB; Leadership and Innovation)(Monash), M.Org Psych (QLD), MA -Prelim (Psychology) (Melbourne), BA (Psychology) (Victoria University of Wellington), Grad Cert in Higher Education (Monash), Dip in Project Management

Professor of Management, College of Business

Professor Elisabeth Wilson-Evered is an Organisational Psychologist who joined VU in 2011 specialising in Organizational Behaviour and Management Disciplines.

At VU, she has been Head of the School of Management and Information Systems during 2012 and is currently Director of the Victoria Graduate School of Business (VGSB). In the latter portfolio, Elisabeth is working with the leadership team to promote the VGSB and create an exciting image showcasing its highly successful and attractive specialist masters, MBA and DBA programs.

She is also leading initiatives to promote graduate learning experiences that lead to advancement in careers and engagement of graduate students with the Graduate School.

Elisabeth is an active researcher and educator having in excess of 50 peer reviewed publications in a journals, books and conference proceedings. She has presented her research to academic and practitioner conferences in the England, Wales, Ireland, Australia, Canada, China, United States, Italy, Belgium and New Zealand.

She has consulted in leadership and leadership development, strategic Human Resource Management, organisational, culture change, mergers and acquisitions and employee morale and well-being in a range of organisations and industries. These include Health, the University sector, ACER, several major Professional Associations, the NH&MRC, Police, military and community development as well as secondary education and the Not-for-Profit sector.

Elisabeth has achieved considerable success relative to her time in academia. She was CI with Professor Charmine Härtel on a Discovery grant 2004-2006 exploring the functioning of diverse multidisciplinary teams in health care.

She has been partner investigator in two Linkage grants with leading academics; the first exploring a hospital merger and the second, the adoption of technologies for service provision in the not-for-profit sector.

She is part of a team of mental health researchers led by Professor Graham Meadows at Monash University who won a Victoria Government grant as part of the Mental Illness Research Fund (MIRF) granting $2.3 million to the project. Elisabeth's role is to ascertain systems and cultural readiness to adopt new training for mental health interventions drawing on successes and learning at Kings College, London.


Journal articles

Cartwright, S., Teerikangas, S., Rouzies, A. and Wilson-Evered, E. (2012) Methods in M&;A—A look at the past and the future to forge a path forward. In: Scandinavian Journal of Management, 28, 2. pp 95-106, ISSN 0956-5221, 10.1016/j.scaman.2012.03.002

Casey, T. and Wilson-Evered, E. (2012) Predicting Uptake of Technology Innovations in Online Family Dispute Resolution Services: An Application and Extension of the UTAUT. Computers and Human Behaviour.

Albrecht, S. L. and Wilson-Evered, E. (2012) Bridging the practice and science of employee engagement: A qualitative investigation. In: Ciencia & Trabajo, special issue, Mar. 2012. pp. 61-71

Taylor, A., Cocklin, C., Brown, R. and Wilson-Evered, E. (2011) An investigation of champion-driven leadership processes. In: The Leadership Quarterly, 22(2011). pp. 412-433

Hinduan, Z,R., Wilson-Evered, E., Moss, S. and Scannell, E. (2009) Leadership, work outcomes and openness to change following an Indonesian bank merger. In: Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 47(1). pp. 59-78

Wilson-Evered, E. and Hartel, E. J. (2009) Explicating a climate for technology change. Measuring attitudes to HRIS implementation: A field study to inform implementation methodology. In: Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 47 (3). pp. 374-384

Reuvers, M., van Engen, M.L, Vinkenburg, C.J and Wilson-Evered, E. (2008) Transformational Leadership and Innovative Work Behavior: Exploring the Relevance of Sex Differences. In: Creativity and Innovation Management, 3, 17. pp. 337-244

Book sections

Wilson-Evered, E., McFarlane, D., Zeleznikow, J. and Thomson, M. (2011) Towards and On-Line Family Dispute Resolution Service in Australia. In: Poblet, M. Mobile Technologies or Conflict Management. Due2011, 200 p. 10. ISBN: 978-94-007-1383-3.Series: Law, Governance and Technology Series, 1st Edition. Springer-Verlag: Heidelberg

View the full list of Elisabeth's publications in Victoria University's Institutional Repository.

Professional memberships

  • US Academy of Management
  • British Academy of Management
  • Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management
  • Australian Psychological Society

Areas of expertise

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services
  • Australia-Asia entrepreneurship
  • Climate and culture
  • Diversity management/cultural difference/cultural capability
  • Evidence based practice and management
  • High performance work systems and HRM
  • Innovation
  • Leadership and leadership development
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Technology adoption
  • Translation and implementation research
Elisabeth Wilson-Evered

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