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Professor Bruce Rasmussen

BEc (Hons) La Trobe, MEc La Trobe, MPA Harvard, PhD VU

Director, Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies

Professor Rasmussen is Director of Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies (VISES), having joined the Institute in 1998.

His work has focussed on innovation, business models, business strategy and industry development issues. His most recent work has been on health and productivity and the economic returns to investment in health, for the US Chamber of Commerce, WHO and UNFPA.

Professor Rasmussen has had a career spanning the senior levels of both the public and private sectors. In Government he has held a number of senior positions, most significantly as Assistant Director General, Finance in the Department of Management and Budget of the State of Victoria.

He spent seven years at the ANZ Bank, where he held various senior business strategy roles, most notably as Chief Manager, Retail Strategy in the Retail Bank and Chief Manager, Development of the Private Bank.

In 2008 Professor Rasmussen completed a health study on The Creation and Capture of Value in Biopharmaceuticals which is being published as a book by Edward Elgar (2010).

He holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where he graduated as a Littauer Fellow - awarded on the basis of academic excellence, career and leadership.

Key publications


Rasmussen, B. (2010), Innovation and Commercialisation in the Biopharmaceutical Sector: Creating and Capturing Value, Edward Elgar, London.

Journal articles

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Rasmussen, B. (2007) ‘Is the commercialisation of nanotechnology different? A case study approach’, Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice, 9(1).

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Areas of expertise

  • Business models
  • Business strategy
  • Industry development

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