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Dr Andre Nelson

PhD, BHSc (Massey), BSc (Hons), BSc (Vic Uni, NZ)

Lecturer, College of Sport & Exercise Science

Andre is a lecturer in Clinical Exercise. He also supervises and lectures exercise testing, training and prescription, and nutrition. 

Andre moved to Melbourne from Wellington, New Zealand in 2010. Prior to joining VU, Andre completed an undergraduate degree and Honours degree encompassing molecular biology, and health, sport, and exercise sciences. He completed his PhD in 2013.

Andre's PhD research looked at the impact of post-exercise protein-leucine ingestion on subsequent endurance exercise performance and systemic and skeletal muscle responses associated with recovery and adaptation. 

Andre has more than 10 years experience tutoring and lecturing to students enrolled in nutrition, biological and exercise science streams in New Zealand and here at VU. He worked previously with the New Zealand Academy of Sport (now High Performance Sport NZ) training age-grade up to senior athletes at club through to elite (national representative, Olympian) level.

Recent publications

Rowlands D.S., Nelson, A.R., Raymond, F., Metairon, S., Mansourian, R., Clarke, J., Stellingwerff, T., and Phillips, S.M. (2016) Protein-leucine ingestion activates a regenerative inflammo-myogenic transcriptome in skeletal muscle following intense endurance exercise. Physiological Genomics. 48 (1), 21-32.

Rowlands, D.S., Nelson A.R., Phillips, S.M., Faulkner, J.A., Clarke, J., Burd, N.A., Moore, D., and Stellingwerff, T. (2015) Protein-leucine fed dose effects on muscle protein synthesis after endurance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 47 (3), 547-555.

Nelson AR, Jackson L, Clarke J, Stellingwerff T, Broadbent S, Rowlands DS (2013) Effect of post-exercise protein–leucine feeding on neutrophil function, immunomodulatory plasma metabolites and cortisol during a 6-day block of intense cycling. Eur J Appl Physiol 113 (9):1-12.

Nelson AR, Phillips SM, Stellingwerff T, Rezzi S, Bruce SJ, Breton I, Thorimbert A, Guy PA, Clarke J, Broadbent S, Rowlands DS (2012) A protein-leucine supplement increases BCAA and nitrogen turnover but not performance. Med Sci Sports Exerc 44 (1):57-68.

Refereed chapters

Nelson, A.R, Karagounis, L.G., & Rowlands, D.S. (2015) Leucine-Protein Supplemented Recovery and Exercise. InBranched Chain Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition (edited by R. Rajendram, V.R. Preedy, & V.B. Patel). New York: Human Press.

View Andre's full publication list in the Victoria University Research Repository. 

Teaching responsibilities


Postgraduate research students and fellows


  • 1 Honours student

Current supervision

  • Primary supervision of 1 Honours student
  • Co-supervision of 1 PhD student, 2 Honours student


Areas of expertise

  • Athletic performance
  • Exercise-associated systemic and muscle immune/inflammatory responses
  • Human muscle physiology
  • Mechanisms of exercise recovery and adaptation
  • MTOR signalling
  • Muscle protein synthesis
  • Post-exercise recovery genomics and metabolomics
  • Protein and amino acid metabolism
  • Resistance training and clinical exercise prescription

Contact details

+61 3 9919 4284