Victoria University (VU) works to provide a safe and inclusive place for all who work, study and visit here. We are committed to supporting staff and students affected by sexual assault or sexual harassment, regardless of where and when it takes place.

Sexual assault or sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual behaviour or activity, which can make you feel uncomfortable, frightened or threatened.

Any concern can be reported here:

Report a concern

What is a sexual assault?

Sexual assault covers a range of sexual behaviours which take place without a person's consent, or where their consent has been obtained through deception or coercion, or where consent is withdrawn. This includes:

  • rape
  • indecent assault (sexual acts that involve touching but not penetration)
  • any sexual contact with a child
  • sexual servitude
  • forcing someone to witness a sex act.

Sexual assault is a crime and can happen to anyone in our community. A sexual assault can carry a serious criminal penalty if found proven.

Reporting a crime or being a victim of crime will not affect your visa or employment status.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which:

  • violates your dignity
  • makes you feel intimidated, degraded or humiliated
  • creates a hostile or offensive environment.

Sexual harassment also includes:

  • sexual comments or jokes
  • physical behaviour, including unwelcome sexual advances, touching and various forms of sexual assault
  • displaying pictures, photos or drawings of a sexual nature
  • sending emails with a sexual content.

You don’t need to have previously objected to someone's behaviour for it to be considered unwanted.


What to do

Immediate assistance

If you, or someone you know, is unsafe or needs immediate assistance, call for help as soon as you can.



You can report any concern relating to a sexual assault and/or sexual harassment to Victoria University. You will receive confidential advice and assistance about your options, as well as referrals to support services.

If you report an experience of sexual assault or sexual harassment at Victoria University, you can trust that you will be listened to, supported and that your report will be treated confidentially.

Contact Safer Community to find out more:

Report a concern

You can make a report to Safer Community anonymously. However, our ability to provide you with support and advice may be limited.

If you feel uncomfortable reporting, talk to a trusted friend or family member. Ask them to help you make contact or to come with you to report.

Student Counselling is also able to help: +61 3 9919 5400

What happens when I make a report?

When you report to the University you have control over the action we take. If you are a student, we will not share your report with anyone else unless one of these applies:

  • you provide us with your consent
  • there are very serious safety concerns and we are legally obligated to act immediately.

Find out more about what happens when you make a report

Contact on campus

Safer Community:


VU Safe App provides safety and supports services for both on and off campus.

Contact off campus

Victoria Police, Sexual Offence and Child Abuse Investigation Teams (SOCIT): find online at

Seek advice & support

If you or someone you know experiences a sexual offence you should seek professional support.

On campus

Off campus

  • Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) 9635 3610 (business hours) or 1800 806 292 (after hours).
  • Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault: (03) 9216 0444 |
  • – 24/7 webchat or phone counselling: 1800 737 732
  • inTouch: Provides services and support to migrants and refugees. Call 1800 755 988
  • Q Life: Provides peer support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people and their friends, families and allies. Call 1800 184 527
  • Djirra: Provides culturally safe and accessible services to Aboriginal people seeking support. Call 1800 105 303
  • Women's Information & Referral Exchange (WIRE) : Any woman, any issue - free support, referral and information for all Victorian women, non-binary and gender diverse people. Call 1300 134 130


WestCASA at VU

WestCASA is a community-based sexual assault counselling service operating in Melbourne's west.

A dedicated Counsellor Advocate from WestCASA will be available by appointment at Footscray Park every Monday, 9am-5pm.

Call: +61 3 9919 5400

Or collect a referral form from Wellbeing Reception, Building M, Level 2 and email it to: [email protected].

Get help 24/7

VU students and staff can access dedicated, 24/7 support.

Call: +61 3 9216 0411

Read WestCASA's FAQs for more information.

Supporting someone who has told you about sexual assault or sexual harassment

1. Believe them

Believing someone when they tell you about sexual assault or sexual harassment is really important. It takes a lot of courage for someone to talk about sexual assault or sexual harassment. Let your friend know that you believe them, and tell them that it’s not their fault.

2. Listen to them

Let the person talk, and really listen. Don’t focus on your reactions. Don’t ask for details of the assault, or ask questions like “Why did you go there?” or “Were you drunk?” Just listen, and let them know you want to support them.

3. Help them find support

Getting support as soon as possible is important. See the important contacts listed on this page (above). Sexual assault or sexual harassment of any kind is unacceptable. You can report an assault anonymously if you wish to Safer Community.