National Student Safety Survey

At the end of 2021 an important national survey on student safety was conducted across Australia by Universities Australia and the Social Research Centre. The results were released on 23 March 2022.

The National Student Safety Survey measured the prevalence of sexual assault and sexual harassment among university students, perceptions of safety, and views towards student campus life.

893 students from Victoria University joined over 40,000 others from universities across Australia to participate in this voluntary survey.

Victoria University’s work to address and respond to sexual violence is shaped by the student voice, experiences and needs. We welcome the knowledge and guidance the survey report has given us. It has highlighted areas we have to improve, and we will.



We care & we act

Sexual harassment and sexual assault have no place at our university.

Everyone has the right and the expectation that they will be safe wherever they study, live, work and socialise.

The survey results are part of a growing body of evidence in Australia which shows that sexual harassment and sexual assault are pervasive in all corners of our society. As a nation, this cannot be tolerated and, as a university, we must be part of the solution. 

Victoria University will continue to promote gender equality, build a culture of respect, and support all members of our diverse community.

Both sexual harassment and sexual assault are reprehensible and absolutely unacceptable.

Along with my colleagues across the sector, I am disappointed, saddened and angered that we continue to see this behaviour both on our campuses and in our society more broadly.

As a public-purpose institution, Victoria University has a responsibility to provide a safe learning experience for all students — and more work clearly needs to be done. - Professor Adam Shoemaker, Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University

Building respectful futures together

The report from the first national survey on sexual harassment and sexual assault in universities, Change the Course, was released in 2017.  Since then, Victoria University, in partnership with students, has resourced and developed a whole-of-institution approach to preventing and responding to gender-based violence.

Get support

Victoria University is here to support you. Reach out to our free and confidential counselling services, any time.

We actively encourage anyone who has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault during their time at VU to disclose their experiences and receive support.