Fees (VU Sydney)

When you enrol in your course, any fees you need to pay will be updated in your invoice after census date. You can check your invoice through our payment portal.

Make sure you pay your fees on time to avoid any financial penalty, cancellation of your enrolment or referral to debt collection.

Find information about fee payment schedule for 2024 depending on the course you are studying, payment deadlines and how to pay your fees. Take note of the fee due dates and make timely fee payments.

Fee payment schedule 2024

VU Sydney is pleased to announce a Block-by-Block Payment Schedule for 2024, to assist students to make fee payments as they progress in their course.

The introduction of the Block-by-Block Payment Schedule for 2024, means that you can now pay your fees through flexible monthly instalments by the due date for each block throughout your study period.

Please see below for Block-by-Block Payment Schedule 2024 due dates:

Payment deadlines by study mode

Payment deadlines

Students are required to pay fees by due date of each block.

VU Sydney will issue you with 20 days’ notice of our intention to cancel your enrolment if fee payment is not made by the due date. You can lodge an appeal against the cancellation of your enrolment during this time. Please refer the notification of intention to cancel for details on how to submit an appeal.

If you are unable to make payments as per the schedule outlined, please contact [email protected] with ‘Payment Plan Request’ as the subject title of the email. A member of our team will contact you to assist.

If you don't pay your fees or appeal the decision to cancel your enrolment within the 20-day notice period, your enrolment will be cancelled. If you're an international student, we will notify the Department of Home Affairs about your cancelled enrolment.

How to pay your fees

VU Sydney fees are paid via our payment portal - ECA-VU MESHED HE. You can login to our payment portal and pay your fees by the due dates using your debit/credit card. 

Login to our payment portal

Your username is your ECA VU MESHED HE ID. This ID appears on the fee communication issued to you at the beginning of every study period.

Invoices will be made available in our Payment Portal by fee due date. Fee payments will be updated automatically.

Download our 'How to pay your fees' guide for further instruction.

Remission of fees

International student remissions are processed by VU Sydney according to the VU Remission of Fees Policy.

Under special circumstances where exceptional or compassionate and compelling circumstances apply, you may be eligible for one of these fee remissions (reversals):

  • medical circumstances
  • family/personal circumstances
  • employment-related circumstances.

You can apply for remission of fees under special circumstances, and because of those circumstances you have:

  • withdrawn from your studies after the census date
  • not completed the requirements for a unit of study (i.e. received a fail grade)
  • been suspended or excluded after census date.

University administration errors, or course and academic related issues, are not managed by the remission of fees process. 


To be eligible for a remission of fees, you are required to meet the below criteria:

  • Your circumstances were beyond your control.
  • Your circumstances did not make their full impact on you until on or after the census date for the unit.
  • It became apparent after the census date that you could not continue with your study.
  • The circumstances existed prior to the census date, but your circumstances prevented you from withdrawing from study before the census date.

You are not eligible for a remission of fees:

  • if you have successfully completed the unit(s)
  • due to lack of knowledge or understanding of the requirements under the loan schemes.

Before you request any remission, please read the VU Remission of Fees Policy to determine if you qualify.


If you qualify, must lodge a remission application in writing within 12 months of either:

  • the withdrawal date of the unit of study
  • the end of the period of study in which the unit was enrolled, or was to be undertaken if you have not withdrawn
  • the end of a leave of absence period, if granted by the university.

Applications submitted outside the 12-month lodgement period will not be considered unless you can demonstrate with supporting documentation that you were incapable of applying within this timeframe.

Apply for remission of fees

Submit the completed post census remission/re-credit of debt application, along with supporting documentation to [email protected] .

Supporting evidence

Please include original or certified independent supporting documentation (such as a letter from your doctor) to validate the reason you are applying for a remission of debt and the criteria.

Your medical certificate or letter must:

  • be an original or certified document
  • validate the reason you are applying for a remission of debt
  • be signed and printed on a letterhead with the medical provider number included
  • outline the medical diagnosis, duration of illness, treatment plan and how the condition impacted your ability to make rational decisions before census date, or was more pronounced or materially exacerbated post-census date.

Your application will be deemed invalid if no documentation is provided.

Processing your application

We normally process your application within 21 business days of receiving it.

If the remission is approved, the fund can be transferred to next available unit or issued to your nominated bank.


International students refunds are processed by the ECA Refunds team according to the VU International Refund Policy.

Fee refunds may apply in the following circumstances:

  • Overpaid tuition fees
  • Transferring to another education provider within six months of principal course
  • Course withdrawal (student changes university, returns overseas, or has permanent residency)
  • Visa refusal (refusal, lateness, withdrawal or non-application)

Before you request any refund, please read the VU International Refund Policy to determine if you qualify.

Apply for refund of fees

Submit the completed ECA Refund Application form to [email protected] with the relevant supporting documents:

  • Overpaid tuition fees - Payment receipt for the overpaid amount.
  • Transferring to another education provider within six months of principal course - Course release outcome and cancelled Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).
  • Withdrawn from course - Course discontinuation outcome and cancelled Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).
  • Visa Refusal - Copy of Refusal Letter.
  • Other evidence to validate your application for a refund.

A refund cannot be processed unless you submit all required documents.

Processing your application

We normally process your application within 20 working days of receiving it.

If your refund request is approved, it will be issued to your nominated bank.