Student health & welfare

Student Services can assist you as an advocate, mediator or support a person with any issues you may encounter during your studies. There is also a counselling service available on campus for assistance with any personal issues you may experience while in Australia.

Health cover

As a condition of your visa, you must arrange health insurance for the duration of your study and your visa.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is provided by Allianz Care.

If you indicated that you would like VU to arrange Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) on your behalf, you'll need to include payment to VU. We will then arrange OSHC cover.

If you wish to arrange health insurance through your education agent or another provider, you should carefully compare the premium fee and the items covered by the insurance, since some health insurance policies do not cover all expenses that you may incur during medical treatment.

Allianz Care Australia provides OVSC for a range of eligible visa categories. From visiting visas to working visas you can find your visa listed on Allianz Care. If your visa subclass is not listed, then it is not an eligible visa for OVHC purposes.


Adjusting to university life can be difficult. It involves meeting new people, adopting new routines, learning new skills, and coping with extra expenses. These stresses are coupled with the demands of study and life outside university.

For enrolled students, VU Counselling provides professional services designed to support you in your personal, psychological, academic, and social development.

Our professionally-trained counsellor provides free, confidential individual sessions. Our counsellor has experience in supporting students with diverse sexualities, sex and gender identities. You can talk to our counsellor about any range of issues that can impact your study or personal life.


Staying in student accommodation takes the stress out of finding a place to live – VU Sydney a offer convenient, safe and friendly university accommodation. 

We have partnered with Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to provide the highest quality homestay experiences in Australia, ensuring that each of our students can begin their Australian experience on the right foot. 

AHN also provide airport pick up services, so we can arrange to have you met right off the plane! For more information on services that are provided visit Australian Homestay Network.

Financial assistance

If you are unable to make payments as per the schedule outlined, please contact  [email protected] with Payment Plan Request’ as the subject title of the email.