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Want to become a more appealing job applicant? Have a point of difference on your résumé?

Sign up for Victoria University’s free Lead2Change training program.

This unique two day leadership training program will develop your skills at a personal and professional level. Successful completion of the program will be recorded on your university transcript.

The training will provide you with:

  • learn different matrixes and models used in the workforce
  • networking opportunities
  • insights into leadership
  • knowledge on different personality traits.

"Through the birds-personality exercise I learned a lot about my own personality. I found out that I am a peacock who is confident and outgoing. This helped me to be more empathetic and [how to] be a good team player. The environment at L2C sessions is always friendly and open and you never feel you have to hold back on your opinions and thoughts." Dylan Styles (2015) (pictured)

Program outcomes

Outcomes from participating in the Lead2Change program include:

  • self-understanding
  • personal goal setting
  • listening, connecting and communicating
  • negotiating and networking
  • team roles and dynamics
  • integrity and passion
  • leadership styles.

The program comprises:

  • Stage 1 - complete the above 8 modules over a two full days of Lead2Change program
  • Stage 2 - complete a reflective journal during the Lead2Change program
  • Stage 3 - complete 20 hours volunteering with the VU Vollies.


Register for your two day Lead2Change program now.

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