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Dr Romana Garma

PhD (Melb), Grad Cert Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Education (VicMelb), MBus (Marketing) (VicMelb), BA (Accounting) (VicMelb)

Director Teaching & Learning, College of Business

As the Director of Teaching & Learning in the College of Business Romana is responsible for providing high level strategic leadership in learning and teaching and managing of student learning and academic development within the college. Since 2011 she has been in senior leadership roles including MBA Director, Postgraduate Coordinator, and Director of Accreditation in the College of Business.

She is experienced in curriculum design, industry engagement within curriculum and improving student employability. She has taught extensively in international programs including Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Her research interest lies in the experiences of individuals and broadly focuses on consumer behaviour/experiences, social and services marketing. She has published and presented her research in scholarly journals and conferences including the European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management and Journal of Strategic Marketing. She is a Qualified Practicing Market Researcher and a fellow of the Australia Marketing Institute.

Her research interest lies in the experiences of individuals and broadly focuses on consumer behaviour/experiences and social and services marketing. Her research has featured in international journals.


Journal articles

Hede, A.M., Garma, R., Joisassen, A., and Thyne, M. 2014. Perceived Authenticity of the Visitor Experience in Museums: Conceptualization and Initial Empirical Findings. European Journal of Marketing, 48 (7/8), 1395-1412

Polonsky, MJ, Vocino, A, Landreth Grau S, Garma, R & Ferdous, AS 2012, 'The Impact of General and Carbon-Related Environmental Knowledge on Attitudes and Behaviour of US Consumers, Journal of Marketing Management, 28 (3-4), pp. 238-263

Polonsky, MJ, Garma, R & Landreth Grau S 2011, 'Western Consumers' Understanding of Carbon Offsets and its Relationship to Behavior', Asia-Pacific Journal in Marketing and Logistics, 23(5), pp. 583-603

Garma, R & Bove, L 2011, 'Contributing to Well-being: Customer Citizenship Behaviors Directed to Service Personnel', Journal of Strategic Marketing, 19(7), pp. 633-649

Polonsky, MJ, Lefroy, K, Garma, R & Chia, N 2011, 'Strategic and Tactical Alliances: Do Environmental Non-profits Manage them Differently?', Australasian Marketing Journal, 19, pp. 43-51

Polonsky, MJ, Landreth, SG & Garma, R 2010, 'The New Greenwash? Potential Marketing Problems with Carbon Offsets', International Journal of Business Studies, 18(1), pp. 49-54

Wong, CY, Polonsky, MJ & Garma, R 2008, 'The Impact of Consumer Ethnocentrism and Country of Origin Sub-components for High Involvement Products on Young Chinese Consumers' Product Assessments', Asia-Pacific Journal in Marketing and Logistics, 20 (4), pp. 455-478

View Romana's publications on Victoria University's Research Repository.

Teaching responsibilities


Postgraduate unit: BGP7730 Business Research Project



Principal supervision of 1 PhD student

Co-supervision of 1 PhD student, 1 Master by Research student

Current supervision

Principal supervision of 2 PhD students, 2 DBA students

Co-supervision of 2 DBA students

Professional membership

  • Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS)
  • Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)
  • Australia and New Zealand Marketing Educators (ANZMAC)
  • Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE)

Areas of expertise

  • Customer citizenship behaviour
  • Family decision making
  • Service and relationship marketing
  • Service personnel and customer interactions
  • Social and non-profit marketing

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