Become a mentor at VU Sydney

Our VU Sydney Student Mentorship program offers valuable opportunities for your professional growth in Australia.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment, collaborate with fellow international students, and gain hands-on real-world experience to elevate your professional skills.

Enhance your English language proficiency while working part-time alongside your peers and university stakeholders.

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What is a Student Mentor

Our Student Mentors are fellow international students just like you! They are a helping hand and provide valuable assistance throughout your academic journey.

Whether you're navigating VU's systems such as MYVU Portal and VU Collaborate or seeking guidance on administrative processes like applying for special consideration or advanced standing, our Student Mentors have got you covered.

Their expertise extends to easing your transition, both virtually and on-campus. From navigating the physical spaces to settling into university life, they're your go-to source for advice. Some of the daily activities our mentors perform regularly on our campus include:

  • assisting with enrolment procedures
  • making follow-up calls to students
  • providing front desk support for general student enquiries
  • engaging in major events such as Orientation days, sports, and cultural activities and much more.

For more information, download our Student Mentor job description to see typical duties and selection criteria.

Benefits of becoming a mentor

By becoming a mentor, you open the door to a host of remarkable advantages that come with holding this esteemed role within the University:

Expand your professional network in Sydney, Australia
Forge meaningful connections with our academic and university staff, extending your professional reach. Enhance your LinkedIn profile by adding new contacts, exchange insights, and gain valuable knowledge from your interactions.

Paid on-campus employment
This is more than just a role - it's a paid position that affords you the opportunity to contribute to our vibrant campus community. Assist fellow international students in navigating university systems, provide valuable support, and take part in significant events such as orientation days and enrollment sessions.

Gain valuable experience in education
Immerse yourself in one of Australia's largest sectors - the educational sector. This hands-on experience within a corporate environment will enrich your skillset and provide valuable insights that can be showcased in your future curriculum and job applications.

Pathway to future employment
Joining as a mentor you will be given the opportunity to transition into full time employment within our University group. This could be your stepping stone towards a rewarding future career.

Enhance your English proficiency
Engage in English conversations and connect with students from diverse backgrounds. Cultivate lasting friendships while improving your language skills, all while enjoying an enriching experience.

Apply to be a student mentor

If you are interested in joining our powerful mentor’s team, please get in contact with our university team by emailing [email protected]

Don’t forget to check our student mentor position description before applying!

Meet our current mentors