Find information about how to prepare and re-enrol online or in person, depending on the course you are studying. Take note of the important dates and seek assistance in person if you need to.

Unsatisfactory academic progress?

Find out what to do if you have received an email about your academic progress.

How to re-enrol online

You need to use Google Chrome as your web browser to be able to enrol online. You can download Google Chrome if you do not have it installed already.

Steps to re-enrol online

Follow these steps to re-enrol online.

  1. Access your academic transcript through MyVU (to confirm the units you have completed).
  2. Check your completed units against the course structure.
  3. Check the course timetable.
  4. Login to MyVU, and complete your online enrolment (if you are eligible to do so) – Navigate to Online Enrolment via MY Details > Online Enrolment >Proceed to Online Enrolment.
  5. Read and confirm that you agree with the Victoria University Students Declaration.
  6. Confirm and/or update your contact details, preferred name and name order.
  7. Confirm and/or update your postal, semester and home addresses.
  8. Confirm and complete any gaps in your statistical information.
  9. View and confirm the course you are studying.
  10. Undertake your unit selection based on your course plan. Your unit selections must be for Campus SY only.
  11. Submit your online enrolment.

When undertaking your unit selection, you will not be able to save units with a status of “breach”. You must remove them to complete online enrolment.

Make sure you have received email Confirmation of Enrolment, otherwise you haven’t enrolled successfully.

If you need academic advice, or encounter any issues with your online enrolment you can:

For Block students, you have 3 days at the start of every block to change your enrolment. You can make changes to your unit enrolment through MyVU: select My Course > Edit Enrolment to make the required changes.

For any changes to the enrolment after the 3-day period, please contact [email protected].

Re-enrolment tips

When re-enrolling online, consider the following.

  • Only choose units with an “SY” campus code.
  • If a “Course Enrolment Advice” message is not generated at the end of your online enrolment session, your enrolment selection has not been saved.

How to pay your fees

VU Sydney fees are paid via the VU Sydney Payment Portal. Your username is your RTOM ID. This ID appears on the invoicing issued to you at the beginning of every trimester.

Note: A 1.5% surcharge will apply when making payments through RTO Manager.

Read about how to pay fees through RTO

All tuition fees are subject to an annual increase each year of your study, effective at the start of each calendar year. This increase will be reflected in invoicing issued to you. This annual increase in fees is covered as part of the agreed terms and conditions of your Offer Letter.

Please note that as an international student, if your fees remain unpaid by the payment deadline for the relevant study period, you may be charged with a late payment penalty.

VU Sydney will also issue you with 20 days’ notice of our intention to cancel your enrolment if full payment is not made. You can lodge an appeal against the cancellation of your enrolment during this time. Please consult the notification of intention to cancel for details on how to submit an appeal.

If you do not pay your fees or appeal the decision to cancel your enrolment within the 20-day notice period, your enrolment will be cancelled, and we will notify the Department of Home Affairs.

Note: We do not differentiate the price of digitally supported remote learning and face-to-face. This is because our remote course delivery is of an equivalent standard to our face-to-face delivery. You will have access to the same level of support hours and access to learning resources and benefits, including VU online library, online Learning Hub, Learning Support team, Course Coordinators and teachers as you would if you were studying on campus.

You can apply for a 4-week fee extension if you pay 50% of your fees before the due date.

For instructions on how to apply for fee extension, please contact [email protected].

Payment deadlines by study mode

Higher Education diploma payment due date

  • Semester 1, Block 1 to Block 4 – 28 February 2020
  • Semester 2, Block 1 to Block 4 – 31 July 2020
  • Summer Block 2 – 27 November 2020

Undergraduate payment due date

  • Semester 1, Block 2 to WB1 – 3 April 2020
  • Semester 2, Block 2 to SB2 – 28 August 2020
  • Summer Block 2 – 27 November 2020

Masters trimesters payment due date

  • Trimester 1 – 3 April 2020
  • Trimester 2 – 24 July 2020
  • Trimester 3 – 20 November 2020

Contact VU Sydney

If you have questions about re-enrolling you can contact student services by sending an email to [email protected] or visit Level 1 reception to speak with a student services staff member.