Victoria University's student declaration for enrolment into single units of study.

Privacy notice

Victoria University has a Privacy Policy that refers to the collection and handling of personal and health information by the University in a way that establishes a reasonable balance between an individual's right to control the use of their personal information, with the University's need to ensure that it can collect and use information with confidence in order to perform its functions. A Privacy Collection Statement for use in relation to the collection of information from students is available under Appendix One of the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy and the Privacy Collection Statement is available at our Privacy page or through ASK VU.

Student declaration

  1. I confirm that I will comply with the standards of behaviour described in the Student Charter Policy and agree to comply with the University's Regulations, policies and procedures (including the requirement to follow any lawful and reasonable direction of a University staff member). I understand that the Student Charter, Regulations, policies and procedures may be amended from time to time and that I am responsible for regularly reviewing those documents that are applicable to me as a student.
  2. I confirm that all the information provided as part of this enrolment process is true, correct and complete.
  3. I understand that submitting false or misleading information may result in the cancellation of my enrolment/candidature and/or any other sanction(s) set out in the Student Misconduct Regulations 2014.
  4. I understand that my enrolment details will be available by accessing MyVU and that it is my responsibility to check that the course and unit of study details are correct.
  5. I acknowledge that Victoria University will primarily communicate with me via my Victoria University email account and understand that I will be expected to check and read the correspondence in my Victoria University email account at least once a week.
  6. I consent to all my University papers/assignments being submitted to plagiarism detection software (e.g. Turnitin) and all submitted papers/assignments being included as source documents in the plagiarism detection software database for the purpose of detecting plagiarism by others. NB: Use of the service will be subject to the Usage Policy posted on the website.
  7. I acknowledge that the University may occasionally contact me (or my emergency contacts) via the telephone number(s) and/or postal address that I provide the University. I agree to promptly update the University of any changes to my personal or emergency contact details via MyVU, by telephoning the Student Contact Centre on +61 3 9919 6100, or in person at a Student Service Centre. Further information about changing personal details is available through ASKVU.
  8. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the payment of any tuition fees, student contribution and/or any other associated compulsory costs (e.g. student services or amenities fees) unless I withdraw by the applicable census date in accordance with the formal University processes. I acknowledge that I have until the published census date to make changes to my enrolment without those changes appearing on my academic transcript, and that fees and charges may be subject to change throughout the time I am enrolled.
  9. I consent to receiving my student fees invoice electronically and, if I am a Commonwealth supported student, to receiving my Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) electronically. I also acknowledge that it is my responsibility to check MyVU for information about my Statement of Account/CAN and to ensure that payment is made by the due date.  How to read your Victoria University Statement of Account/Tax Invoice.
  10. I understand that the late payment of any fees may mean I am prevented from enrolling, receiving results or graduating, or that my enrolment may be cancelled. I also understand that if I fail to pay fees Victoria University may take action to recover the outstanding amount, which may include referring the matter to a debt collection agency.
  11. I understand that upon graduation, details of my qualifications will be included in the University’s graduate roll and may become a matter for the public record.
  12. I understand that VU is collecting my personal information for the purpose of managing my enrolment and confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the University’s Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement for the Collection of Student Information.