Part of VU's Clinical and Community Health and Wellbeing program the Cyberpsychology and Online Behaviour Research Group focuses on individual/user, contextual (ie offline context), and online application features involved with the outcomes of:

  • cyber-health applications
  • providing mental-health treatment online
  • social media use
  • internet games
  • virtual reality effects
  • excessive online behaviours (eg gambling, gaming and use of online porn)
  • the link between cyber-behaviour and physical health.

Cyberpsychology & Online Behaviour research

The Cyberpsychology and Online Behaviour Research (COBR) group of Victoria University was introduced under the Institute of Health and Sport (iHeS) to address the rapidly developing interest in the behavioural effects of the use of digital/online technologies.

We are a diverse team of researchers with interests in the affects of telehealth applications, excessive internet use and virtual reality on human behaviour.

Our common aim is to provide evidence and guided directions on the potential deliberating and the debilitating effects interwoven with the use of digital and online applications. These effects tend to be massively accessible via a range of popular devices such as personal computers and smartphones.

In that line, we combine collaboration with the digital production industry and the health/mental health field to transcribe empirical evidence into practice. Our vision involves fostering positive public health outcomes, while accommodating industry growth.


Research students

  • Taylor Brown
  • Trent Footitt
  • Mohammad Latifi
  • Deon Tullettprado
  • Christopher Willie
  • Daniel Zarate
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