Part of VU's Sport Performance and Business program, the Analytics and Technology group focuses on acquiring and analysing data, with the aim of enhancing sporting performance.

Analytics & Technology research

The Analytics and Technology group develops and applies innovative techniques to acquire and analyse data, with respect to enhancing sporting performance.

We also work as a linking function between other IHES programs and groups. This helps ensure best-practice analysis techniques are implemented across the Institute’s research.


Research students

  • Jeremy Alexander
  • Stephanie Blair
  • Peter Browne
  • Emily Cust
  • Susanne Ellens
  • Ben Gogos
  • Joseph Gomory
  • Jade Haycraft
  • Sam McIntosh
  • Shaan Naughton
  • James Peacock
  • Jarred Pilgrim
  • Xavier Schelling Del Alcazar
  • Karl Trounson
  • Scott Williams

Alice Sweeting’s PhD examined the movement sequences performed by elite female netball athletes during matches.

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