Level 17 Artspace casts an Aura

Aura: the haunted image is a new exhibition launching 15 March 2011 at Victoria University's Level 17 Artspace.

Aura, curated by Stefan Schutt, features work by Cath Barcan, Marsha Berry, Peter Burke, Lisa Cianci, Greg Giannis, Gina Kalabishis, Dean Keep, Mark Holsworth, Sue Kneebone, Mark Leaman, Stefan Schutt, Matthew Stanton & Irene Wellm.

Aura explores a variety of themes related to the narrative constructions of family histories which have been derived through the medium of photography. Using old and recent photographs, the thirteen artists in this exhibition have produced works comprising a variety of mediums - from digital photography and new media to installation - through which they explore the rather complex narratives of their own families.

The exhibition opens on 15 March, 6-8pm, at Level 17 Artspace, Victoria University, 17/300 Flinders Street, Melbourne.

The exhibition runs from 15 March to 8 April 2011, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm.

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