Helping student transition to secondary school

How can parents best support their children as they move to secondary school?

Researchers Jennifer Jackson and Merryn Davies from the Centre for International Research on Education Systems offer the Top 10 Tips for a successful transition.

Stay involved

Some parents feel pressured to step back from being involved in their children's schooling but parents have an important role supporting their child through secondary school. The best outcomes can be achieved when parents and schools work together, to create home environments that are supportive of learning and development, and school environments that support the values and aspirations of families and communities.

Keep informed

Find out what the school's expectations are for homework, behaviour, attendance, the purchase and provision of learning materials and uniform policy. Talk to your child and their subject teachers about what they are learning at school.

Talk about school

For many year 7s, secondary school means new and unfamiliar experiences: a different and usually much larger school; new rules; many subject teachers in place of the one-teacher classroom; and new classmates. Talk about what it means to be in this new environment and support them as they grow and meet new challenges socially and academically. Ask your child how they think they are coping with the amount of school work and the challenges being set. Help them develop strategies to keep things in perspective and under control.

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