SoTL resources & conferences

There is a vast body of scholarly literature devoted to teaching and learning as well as many opportunities to interact with fellow educators. A sample of links to a range of SoTL research outlets is provided below. These resources are useful in relation to teaching and learning practice as well as educational research.

Office for Learning and Teaching resources

The Office for Learning and Teaching's (OLT) mission is to promote and support change in higher education institutions for the enhancement of learning and teaching.

OLT Teaching Resources

Visit the OLT teaching resources site to access many excellent reports about issues and initiatives in higher education learning and teaching supported by the OLT.

OLT Good Practice Reports

The OLT supported an initiative to summarise relevant findings across various topics of SoTL research. These good practical guides offer a wealth of extremely valuable ideas and examples.

Office for Learning and Teaching

The Office for Learning and Teaching site is also well worth visiting for further opportunities and resources.

Higher Education journals & conferences

Victoria University and the Centre for Collaborative Learning and Teaching (CCLT) encourage educators to share their teaching and learning research and achievements with a wider community of scholars. Below is a wide range of SoTL outlets.

Higher education learning & teaching journals

Higher education learning & teaching journals (discipline-specific)

Higher Education Learning and Teaching Conferences

Other higher education learning & teaching resources

A range of other SoTL resources can be equally useful depending on your purpose. Below is a list of blogs, databanks, email lists and organisations which commonly publish SoTL material.

Faculty Focus

Lots of excellent practical tips can be found at the Faculty Focus blog.

Tomorrow’s Professor

Tomorrow’s Professor is also fantastic sources of tips. If you subscribe, you can receive emails of tips twice a week.

The Carnegie Foundation

The Carnegie Foundation and its Resources/Academy collection is a good source of validated research by discipline scholars into curriculum design to improve learning.


JISC is a UK further education research group that has a wide range of university resources.

The Higher Education Academy (UK)

The Higher Education Academy (UK) is also a great source for teaching resources and education research They have an amazing range of free online journals that cover many professional areas.

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)

Another databank of materials that are (mostly) freely available is Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) , a US based collection. MERLOT is particularly useful because you can search by ‘type’ of learning materials, such as quizzes, assessment tools, animations and so on. Many of the materials have been peer-reviewed for their usefulness, so you have a sense of whether they ‘worked’ to help student learning.