Nada Kulen has served as a course coordinator for the Financial Risk Management (FRM) course and provided leadership in teaching and learning in the areas of financial risk management and statistics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels within the Victoria University Business School.

He has extensive experience in teaching statistics, economics, and financial risk management subjects in Australia, Beijing, Malaysia, USA, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka and has also completed tenures as a "Visiting Professor" to Hong Kong Polytechnic University and University of the Balearic Islands.

Nada Kulen made a sustained contribution in the areas of tourism economics and tourism forecasting through local and international research collaborations that resulted in the publication of research articles in high impact journals and the successful completion of research projects funded by the Sustainable Tourism Co-operative Research Centre (STCRC).

He received two awards for his contribution in the fields of tourism economics and tourism forecasting, earning the "2011 Thea Sinclair Award for Journal Article Excellence" from Tourism Economics and the "2012 Excellence in Research Award" from the Victoria University Business School to recognise his outstanding research leadership and excellent publication record.

Key Publications

Kulendran, N. and Dwyer, L. (2012). Modelling Seasonal Variation in Tourism Flows with Climate variables. Tourism Analysis, 17, 2, 121-137.

Tang, C.M.F. and Kulendran, N. (2011). A Composite Leading Indicator for the Hotel Industry. Tourism Economics, 17, 3, 549-563.

Kulendran, N. and Wong, K.K.,F. (2010). Determinants versus Composite Leading Indicators in Predicting Turning Points in Growth Cycle. Journal of Travel Research, 50, 4, 417-430.

Kulendran, N. and Dwyer, L. (2009). Measuring the Return from Australian Tourism marketing Expenditure, Journal of Travel Research, 47, 3, 275-284.

Kulendran, N. and Witt, S.F. (2001) Cointegration Versus Traditional Regression, Annals of Tourism Research, 28, 2, p.291-311.

Teaching Responsibility

Course Coordination: Financial Risk Management (BBFR) and Financial Planning (BBFP)

Subject Coordination: BEO2431 Risk Management Models

Subject Teaching: BEO2431 Risk Management Models and BEO2255 Applied Statistics for Business

Postgraduate research students and fellows

Completions: 2 PhD students

Completion co-supervision: 1 PhD student

Current supervision: 1 PhD student, 1 Masters student

Research Grants

Sustainable Tourism Co-operative Research Centre (STCRC)

$34,000 (2009)

$35,000 (2006)

PhD scholarship, $9,780 per annum (2006)

$30,000 (2002/2003)

Conference Presentations

Nada Kulen has presented several research papers at international conferences in the fields of tourism economics, tourism forecasting and financial market forecasting. These include the International Symposium on Forecasting (Hong Kong, Mexico, Portugal, Washington D.C., Scotland and Barbados) and other business, and tourism economics conferences such as Conference of the Council for Australasian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE).

He has also conducted a one-day workshop in the International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) Conference (Service Sector Forecasting), held in Hong Kong between 21 and 24 June 2009, titled "Seasonality Issues and Tourism Forecasting".

Areas of expertise

  • Econometric Modeling and Forecasting
  • Forecasting Financial Markets
  • Tourism Economics and Forecasting
  • Volatility Forecasting

Contact details

(03) 9919 1473