Professor G. Michael McGrath is currently a Professor of Information Systems at Victoria University.

He has over 20 years experience in the IT industry - mostly at Australia's largest PTC, Telstra, where he worked in a variety of technical and management positions. These included Senior Project Manager, responsible for the development of Telstra's multi-million dollar supply systems applications, and an executive-level position, as Manager Information Architecture within the organisation's Corporate Strategy Directorate.

He is the author of over 150 journal and conference publications and, in particular, is a regular supporter of and contributor to information systems conferences worldwide (where he has presented papers at the International, Americas, Australasian and European Conferences on Information Systems).

He is on the editorial boards of a number of international information systems journals, he has supervised 15 PhD and Masters research students to completion and has examined over 30 doctoral theses.


Areas of expertise

  • Business data and process modelling
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Knowledge base systems
  • Simulations of organisational decision making processes
  • Software requirements elicitation
  • The use of information systems within the tourism industry

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 4627
+61 (3) 9919 5024

Recent publications

Watters, R. and McGrath, G.M. (2013). "A Systematic, Structured Approach to Organization Change Management: Predicting Unintended Consequences of Organization Change", Journal of Information Technology Management, Vol.24, No.1, March 2013.

McGrath, G.M., Law, A. and DeLacy, T. (2012). "Decision Support for the Development of Green Growth Tourism Strategies: Managing Complexity", Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, Vol.13, No.4, December, 2012.

Law, A., DeLacy, T., McGrath, G.M., Whitelaw, P., Lipman, G. and Buckley, G. (2012). "Towards a Green Economy Decision Support System for Tourism Destinations", Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Vol.20, No.6, pp. 823-843.

Law, A., McGrath, G.M. and DeLacy, T. (2012). "A 'Green Economy Tourism System' (GETS): Architecture and Usage", (M. Fuchs, F. Ricci and L. Cantoni eds.), Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2012, Springer: Vienna, pp. 203-214.

Pornphol, P. and McGrath, G.M. (2011). "Information Systems Development as an Emergent Knowledge Research Process", International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Vol.6, No.1, pp. 301-317.

Postgraduate research students & fellows

Completions as principal supervisor: 8 PhD students, 2 Masters students, 1 Honours student

Completions as co-supervisor: 5 PhD students

Current as principal supervisor: 3 PhD students, 5 DBA students

Current as co-supervisor: 1 PhD student, 1 Masters student

Research grants

  • STCRC grants (2004, 2005 and 2008), $172,500
  • Grant from the National office for the Information Economy (NOIE) (2001), $75,000 (plus $15,000 from an ARC Safety Net grant)
  • ARC Small Grants (1996 and 2000) $38,445
  • ARC Collaborative Grants (1997-2001), $296,400
  • Internal Macquarie University research grants (1995, 1997 and 1999) $23,000

Professional memberships

  • MACM
  • MACS