Dr Louise Roos is a Research Fellow at the Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS) at Victoria University. Prior to joining CoPS in 2011 she worked at the University of Pretoria (2000-2006) as a lecturer.

Louise’s interests include the theory and practical application of large scale dynamic computable general equilibrium (CGE) models. She has developed models, including detailed databases, of the South African, Ugandan, Saudi and Jordanian economies. Her recent and current projects included the analysis of the construction and operational phases of the extraction of new oil resources in Uganda, HIV/AIDS prevention policy for South Africa and the impact of a cut in subsidies on the Jordanian economy.  She has also worked with a team on the development of a detailed “baseline” forecast of the Indonesian economy using INDOTERM.

Louise has at least 5 years’ experience in many aspects of training for CGE modelling including

  • as an instructor or tutor at CoPS short courses
  • postgraduate lecturing in CGE modelling
  • in preparation of course materials (workshop exercises) for several CoPS short courses and project-related courses, including INDOTERM and UgAGE_D (Uganda model).

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Roos, E.L., Adams, P.D., and van Heerden, J.H. (2014). Construction a CGE database using GEMPACK for an African country. Computational Economics. Published online 11 September 2014. DOI 10.1007/s10614-014-9468-1.

Roos E.L and Giesecke J.A. (2014). The economic effects of lowering HIV incidence in South Africa: a CGE analysis. Economic Modelling, Volume 39, April 2014, pp 123-137.

Conference presentations

Horridge, J.M., Roos, E.L., and Yusuf, A. Creating a baseline simulation using IndoTERM (2006-2030). Presented at the 23rd Pacific Conference of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) & the 4th Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) Institute. 2-4 July 2013.

Roos, E.L., Adams, P., and van Heerden, J. The economic impacts of newly discovered oil in Uganda, using a recursive dynamic CGE model. Presented at the 16th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, Shanghai, China. 12-14 June 2013.

Working papers

Dixon, P., Rimmer, M. and Roos, L. (2014). Adding financial flows to a CGE model of PNG. Centre of Policy Studies Working Paper Series, G-242.

Roos, E.L. (2013). Modelling the impact of HIV/AIDS: A literature review. Centre of Policy Studies Working Paper Series, G-233. 

Roos, E.L. (2013). Construction of a database for a dynamic CGE model for South Africa. Centre of Policy Studies Working Paper Series, G-234.

Roos, E.L. (2013). Labour-market database for South Africa with HIV/AIDS detail. Centre of Policy Studies Working Paper Series, G-235. 

Roos, E.L. (2013). Developing a baseline forecast for a South African dynamic CGE model (SAGE-H) with HIV/AIDS detail. Centre of Policy Studies Working Paper Series, G-236.

View all of Louise's publications in the VU Research Repository.

Teaching history

  • Practical CGE Modelling course in Melbourne (2015, 2014, 2013, 2009 and 2007), Uganda (2009) and Malaysia (2009)
  • Database course in July 2012 (Uganda)
  • Dynamic CGE Modelling course in November 2012 (Uganda)
  • Regional CGE Modelling course in 2010 (Stellenbosch, South Africa), November 2008 (Pretoria, South Africa)
  • Dynamic Regional CGE Modelling (TERM) course in August 2014 (Bandung, Indonesia), September 2013 (Warsaw).

2012 – 2013: Lecturing Quantitative Economic Policy (ETC4430), Centre of Policy Studies, Monash University, Australia.

2006-2011: Tutoring Microeconomics (ECC1000), Macroeconomics (ECC1100), Department of Economics, Monash University.

2000-2006: Lecturing Introductory Micro (EKN110) and Macroeconomics (EKN120), Honours Macroeconomics (MEK780) and Honours Development Economics (EOG780), Department of Economics, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Areas of expertise

  • Database creation
  • Model development
  • Simulation design and interpretation of results

Contact details

(03) 9919 1491