Blackboard (WebCT)

Blackboard (sometimes referred to by its old name WebCT) is one of 2 Learning Management Systems (LMS) at VU. 

It has been used at VU for many years but will be phased out during 2014 and replaced by VU Collaborate.

With Blackboard (WebCT) you can:

  • access class materials (such as unit guides, lecture slides, links to websites, PowerPoint slideshows, Word documents, videos)
  • upload assignments
  • perform online quizzes, tests or other assessment tasks
  • discuss class material with your teacher or others online (through things like chat or discussion boards)
  • receive information and updates
  • receive feedback about assignments and grades.

On this page

Blackboard or VU Collaborate?

As we make the transition in 2014, some students will be using both Blackboard and VU Collaborate in Semesters 1 & 2.

However, from 2015 the whole University will be using VU Collaborate exclusively.

Your lecturer or teacher should inform you if you will be using VU Collaborate as part of your studies.

Logging in

Login is via MYVU Portal.

Log in with your "s" number (s1234567) and your AD login password (ie: same as computer and email login).

Once logged in to MYVU Portal, click on the 'Blackboard' link.

Contact ITS Service Desk on +61 3 9919 2777 if you have trouble logging in.

Units under "My Blackboard Units" in MYVU Portal

If you are unable to see your units under "My Blackboard Units" do the following:

  • Confirm with your teacher that they are using Blackboard (WebCT) for your unit this semester. Some teachers do not use Blackboard (WebCT) for unit/course delivery.
  • Check with other students in your class that they have access to ensure it is not a problem with the whole class. If other students are also having issues, contact your teacher/lecturer.
  • Confirm your enrolment is correct with Student Services or by checking your unit enrolment listed within MYVU Portal under ‘My Timetable’.

Content that a lecturer has uploaded

Most content that your teacher will make available for you to view or download (e.g. unit guides, resources and links) will be located under the Course Content tab in Blackboard (WebCT).

If you are unable to view content that your lecturer has uploaded, you can:

  • check with your lecturer to confirm that they have made the content available, and what type of file it is.
  • work out if it's a browser security issue. Some web browsers block users from automatically opening documents.
    For example, in Internet Explorer (IE), a yellow security bar appears at the top of the screen, requiring users to click to allow download. Some browsers may also prompt regarding secure/not secure items.
  • ensure your browser is set to enable popups and is not blocking content. 
  • try opening the content with another browser.

Assignment drop box 

There are two types of assignment in Blackboard:

  • Turnitin assignments
  • Blackboard (WebCT) assignments.

Check with your teacher or lecturer if you are unsure which type of assignment your they have organised for you.

Turnitin assignments

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection service, accessible through MYVU portal. 

For some VU courses you will need to submit your assignments electronically through Turnitin so that they can be checked and an 'Originality Report' can be generated. Your teacher or lecturer will let you know if you need to submit an assignment via Turnitin.

Usually, if you have to submit an assignment through Turnitin you will see an image and a link with your assignment name on it.

Click on the Turnitin icon and follow the steps to submit your assignment.

All Turnitin assignments will be placed in the content area of your Unit.

Issues with Turnitin

If you have issues uploading files to the Turnitin assignment drop box:

  • check that Java and Adobe Flash Player are installed and working properly on your computer. Also check that that pop-up windows are enabled in your web browser.
  • Check you have uploaded the right file type for submission. Turnitin accepts Word documents, pdf, ppt and text/txt files up to  20MB.

Blackboard (WebCT) assignments

Assignments that need to be submitted via Blackboard (WebCT) can be found under the “Assignments” section.

Blackboard assignments up to 80MB can be uploaded, however we recommend keeping file sizes below 20MB. Any files larger than 80MB cannot be uploaded.

Issues submitting assignments via the drop box

If you encounter issues with submitting an assignment, check that the file you are submitting is the relevant file type and file size.

Contact us

For Blackboard help:

  • Contact your lecturer.
  • Contact ITS Service Desk via phone on +61 3 9919 2777 or use the self-service tool to log an issue or request.
  • Ask a question through ASKVU.