MYVU Student Portal

Our MYVU Student Portal provides access to all your Victoria University details including enrolment, results and examination information. Log in to MYVU Portal 

It allows you to:

  • view course applications
  • apply for scholarships
  • access important student online tools such as:
    • Student Connect
    • VU Collaborate
    • Blackboard (WebCT)
    • Lecture recordings (ReVU/Lectopia)
    • My ePortfolio (Pebblepad)
    • iTunesU
  • other important tools and information.

On this page

Changes to the look & feel

On Wednesday 17 September 2014, the MYVU Portal had a few improvements applied such as:

  • updated student administration related content (e.g. clearer fees and scholarships information)
  • some changes to make it look more like the VU website
  • changes to provide a more user-friendly online experience
  • improvement to the login screen with cosmetic and content changes. A mini-makeover!
  • improvement to the main dashboard and navigation.

Student feedback

At VU we’re always interested in feedback from our students. Feedback or suggestions to improve the Portal are welcome - complete our short online MYVU Student Portal survey.

Customising MYVU Portal

When logged into the portal, you have the option to customise the page content and layout to suit your needs by adding, moving and deleting content and pages.

Applications and content in the portal are displayed in small windows known as channels. Channels can be maximised, added, detached and in some cases, removed altogether.

  • Tabs (pages) in MYVU Portal are located in the top navigation bar. Tabs allow the user to navigate between different view pages. When a tab is selected, a series of related channels (content windows) are displayed. Tabs can be added, moved and renamed to suit your needs.
  • A channel is a cell that displays one type of information from a particular source. Channels in MYVU Portal consist of a channel heading, channel control buttons, and channel content. Channel control buttons are located in the upper right hand corner of each channel.

Tips for using MYVU Portal

  • It is best to navigate using menu options and links. Avoid using the browser 'back' button.
  • You may use Firefox, Internet Explorer or other browsers. Note: you must use IE 7 or later when accessing the portal.
  • For FAQs and troubleshooting please refer to the 'MYVU Portal' topic in ASKVU.
  • To ensure security and privacy, you will be prompted to create a strong password, and to change your password on a regular basis.
  • To ensure security and privacy, remember to log out at the end of each session, and close your browser window.

Access lecture recordings

We offer students the ability to view lecture and tutorial recordings. These can be accessed through the MYVU Portal or through Blackboard. It should be noted that it is up to the lecturer or tutor whether or not recordings are available for students.

Any available lecture recordings will be available in MYVU Portal under 'My Lecture Recordings' in the 'My Learning' tab.

Scheduled outages

In order to fix known issues or to improve applications, MYVU Portal may need to be taken offline. Where possible, the system is taken down at times to reduce the impact on students. Any scheduled outages will be listed here and you will be notified by email.

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