Indigenous partnerships

Victoria University (VU) supports the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation's vision for a united Australia and acknowledges the original custodians of University land.

We value the contribution made by Indigenous members of society and recognises the need to enhance the level of opportunity available to them. VU has established Moondani Balluk Academic Unit to assist Indigenous Australians wanting to apply for a course and students attending VU.

Koori dancing

Wurundjeri Dance Group at Iramoo

Our ongoing commitment to equality and diversity in employment has led to the development of Yannoneit. Yannoneit is our Indigenous Employment and Career Development Strategy (YES). It encourages the recruitment and career development of Indigenous Australians.

VU is also in partnership with the Western Suburbs Indigenous Gathering Place Association representing, promoting and caring for Indigenous groups.

VU's involvement in the community

The Moondani Balluk Academic Unit provides social support, lectures and talks to students, staff and community groups about the importance of cultural heritage to the identity of Aboriginal people.