VU paramedics' project commended by State Government

First-year paramedic students from Victoria University have been commended by the State Government for a fold-out card they designed to help assess patients with hearing or speech impediments.

The team of nine students received a Victorian Safer Communities Award commendation for the project in November from the Victorian Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Bob Cameron.

The fold-out cards were designed for paramedics and other health care workers to assess pain levels and extract answers to basic questions from patients with hearing or speaking difficulties.

Patients use the card by pointing to pain scales of how they are feeling, or to "yes" or "no" symbols in response to questions.

VU paramedic lecturer Sue Eastcott said the project was the basis for an assignment about patient communication.

"I was very happy they submitted the project for an award, and even more elated and proud when they were recognised for it," she said.

The students were:  April Ambrose; Theresa Cronin; Nicole Ducret; Erin Flaherty; Claire Kendrick; John Keogh; Christopher Meertens; Rebecca Shepherd and Bradley Tong.

Their project was commended in the education category of the awards, sponsored by the Department of Justice's Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner.

The awards recognise best practice and innovation of organisations and individuals who help build safer communities across Victoria.

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