Victoria University wins school of rock prize

Victoria University students have taken out a global music industry award for best CD by a campus record label.

The Potential Unlimited 4 CD features Passport for Amy, Forest City Lovers and other emerging local bands. It was produced by Victoria University Bachelor of Business students working directly with the bands, selecting tracks for the CD and developing strategies for its marketing, publicity and distribution.

The US-based Independent Music Awards announced on 3 May 2012 that the CD was the best in the world produced by a campus record label.

Victoria University music industry lecturer Adrian Marchesani said his students had been finalists in the category for the past 3 years – the only non-US group to do so – but the win announced on May 3 in the US-based Independent Music Awards meant they were now the first non-US group to win since their time in the competition.

"It's a pretty good achievement considering we're up against American campus record labels that have been around for 30 years," Mr Marchesani said.

He said the project provided valuable experience for students entering the music business as well as a platform for budding groups to build their profile.

"Our students now have an international reputation from which to leverage off as they set out in the music industry," he said.

Judges for the awards included Keith Richards, Tom Waits and Tori Amos. Entries came from the United States, Canada, France, Israel, Australia, Mali, Ukraine, Egypt, Norway, Colombia, Taiwan and the UK.

Victoria University provides one of Australia's only Bachelor of Business degrees focusing on the music industry. For the full track listing and to hear Potential Unlimited 4 visit

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