TCTV broadcasts research to new audiences

Victoria University researchers are leading a new wave of content with The Conversation online.

Associate Professor Nigel Stepto and Dr Chris Shaw from the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living recently provided an interesting snapshot of the benefits of high intensity training in a short video for TCTV.

"Studies suggest that high intensity interval training, despite a lower energy commitment and a lesser time commitment, is actually quite good for blood glucose control and aerobic fitness,” Associate Professor Stepto said.

Researchers also explained that high intensity interval workouts, which can be as quick as 15 or 20 minutes, are more realistic for many busy people than long gym sessions.

Their video was the 4th episode in the new TCTV series, co-produced by The Conversation and SBS World News.

The Conversation’s Debbie Dickinson said this new video series for academics to explain their work recognised that sometimes seeing an idea in action - rather than reading about it - was a powerful way of understanding issues and inspiring curiosity.

“We hope TCTV will find an audience who are keen to share content, and to help disseminate the knowledge of academics to a wide general public audience,” she said. 

The weekly TCTV episodes have also covered how tattoos are removed, what stars actually are and how sanitation in the developing world can be improved. 

The new series is part of a push by The Conversation to branch out beyond their staple academic opinion articles into high quality multimedia, which will soon include a new audio podcast series.

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