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What do the TV shows Rush, City Homicide and Thank God You’re Here have in common?

Besides being popular Australian television shows, each has featured Victoria University buildings in their location sets. 

Both Rush and City Homicide transformed VU’s City Flinders Campus into the set of modern and busy police headquarters, while Thank God You’re Here used the Footscray Park Campus to re-create a high school.

In future, keep an eye out for scenes set in the bowels of the heritage-listed City Queen site, as part of a new blockbuster movie, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, starring Katie Holmes.

The grand 19th century building was formerly the location of Melbourne’s Public Records and Land Titles offices.

In addition to showcasing VU’s diverse range of facilities, all rental income earned from hiring buildings to TV and movie production companies is passed along to VU’s Development Office for scholarships.

VU Facilities Director Gary Carter said the arrangement proved very successful, with income derived from hiring facilities for one shoot equal to about one scholarship. 

Funding the scholarships also helps in negotiations with the production companies as they find it hard to quibble when the fee is being allocated to such a worthy cause, he said.

Thanks God You're Here cast at VU

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