Science Roadshow supports budding scientists in regional Victoria

The Science Roadshow will visit regional schools over the coming weeks so Year 12 students can use state-of-the-art analytical instruments and put VCE Chemistry theory into practice.

The equipment includes a liquid chromatograph for separating and analysing mixtures, and spectrophotometers to analyse samples with light absorption.

Dr Domenico Caridi said chemical analysis is now an important topic in the VCE chemistry curriculum but many students – especially in regional areas – do not have access to high-level equipment to conduct experiments.

“The cost of these instruments means they are unaffordable by many schools so students miss the chance to merge theory with hands-on experience,” he said.

Students and their teachers can use the equipment to analyse aspirin in medications, sugars in honey and the chemical structure of molecules.

“VU offers this as a free program so students in regional areas do not need to come to Melbourne to experience this kind of science in action.”

Victoria University obtained the instruments in 2012 through a partnership with Shimadzu Scientific Instruments.

“Science is an exciting career and will shape our future so it’s critical to inspire students and extend their understanding,” he said.


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