A new Korea from VU

Young Taekwondo champions from South Korea are at Victoria University to train in a unique program aimed at producing world-class coaches and administrators in the sport.

The 22 students, aged 18 to 23, have recently arrived at VU to begin training for up to five years in a newly developed Sports Coaching/Taekwonda Diploma, followed by a Bachelor in Recreation Management, Sports Administration, or Human Movement.

 VU program manager Juliet Cooper said the qualification would allow the students to become elite-level coaches, both in Australia and internationally.

"We have little doubt that these students will be highly sought after either in Australia or by other countries for their coaching expertise," she said.

"The quality and structure of the course will provide for a level of qualification that surpasses other university courses offered anywhere."

As one of Australia's leading sports universities, the students -- who were identified for both their sporting skills and academic performance -- were keen to come to VU. They have recently started learning English through VU English at VU's City Flinders Campus.

"We are ensuring they learn general English skills combined with Taekwondo English terminology that will see them adapt rapidly into the Taekwondo sports industry in Australia," she said.

VU is now looking into developing the elite coaching program for international students in the areas of aquatic sports and tennis.

"There is great interest overseas in these areas as Australian sports knowledge is considered to be world-leading," she said.

Taekwondo student

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