Chantal Wynter

West Projections Founder and Producer

West Projections Festival came out of the idea of presenting the arts in a really accessible way that people on the streets can come and see - they're not necessarily going to go into a gallery environment and so projection seemed like the best way to do that. The sort of things that audiences will experience is projections in unusual places but also in businesses and sites. So it's accessible, it's between 6 and 10pm at night and it's exciting.

The wonderful public program of events that are for children and for all parts of the community, including the guided walks, the performances, virtual reality... that's what you're going to see in the West Projections Festival.

Narinda Cook

Local artist and Trocadero Art Space committee member

It's that unique little experience of stepping off the street finding something new.

Councillor Cuc Lam

Former Mayor of the City of Maribyrnong

I'm Councillor Cuc Lam, the mayor of the City of Maribyrnong. Firstly I would like to acknowledge that we are on traditional lands of the Kulin Nation.

Gheran Steel

CEO of the Boon Wurrung Foundation

Welcome to country - what it really is is a time for reflection. To really reflect on why we came out here tonight. It's just a moment to sort of think about where we're going in the future and where we've been.

Councillor Cuc Lam

We are so lucky to have the fantastic Festival in Maribyrnong and celebrate the diversity of our community.


Narinda Cook

Young artists, emerging artists as well as established artists - our focus is on cutting-edge, experimental and new ways of making work - which West Projections is all about.

Chantal Wynter

Connecting community, artists and business I think is a great thing and that comes out of collaboration.

Jessica Wilson

Local artist

It's actually been a really interesting development of my own practice as an individual artist. It's distinct in the way that Footscray is kind of distinct where it's all these little spaces and feelings of intimacy with the local population with the cultures that are here Artist walks are very particular on that actually getting to address that artist and speak to them is such a huge part of the Festival that I find and I find that very unique for West Projections.

[clapping, background music]

Chantal Wynter

Without the artists, their magic, their hard work we wouldn't have the Festival that we have today.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Dawkins

Victoria University Vice-Chancellor

I do hope this Festival will intensify your passion for this wonderful part of the world.