Sophie Moore, Program Coordinator

The Aspire program is a 12 month leadership and governance training program delivered in partnership with the Islamic Council of Victoria.

Nada Kalam, Islamic Council of Victoria

'Cos you guys are the people who will be influencing change in our community. We need our females to be amazing spokespeople in the media, we need people in community organisations, you know, world changers. I see it, I feel it.

This room has an amazing vibe.

Linna Abdi, course participant

The idea was to kind of get a better understanding of how to I guess, not make changes in society but kind of lead the change.

Sophie Moore

The program involved a camp and a series of workshops and also a mentoring program enabling them to develop a resource which they would take back to their community organisations.

The workshops were on the topics of media training, public speaking, governance 101, how to network, how to do well in interviews and how to actually recruit other people for your community organisation.

They were AMES, Fitted For Work, the Ardoch Youth Foundation and Justice Connect.

Ghazala Naz, course participant

The environment in this program is telling me how I would want to run my own organisation. We can say whatever we want to say to each other, we can be sarcastic, we can be serious at times.

Amal Ibrahim, course participant

I felt like there was no questions left unanswered. I felt like we were very supported in all our endeavours and I feel like even now in future when we want to organise things and facilitate our own programs we know that we not only have the resources but the support to do that as well.

Sophie Moore

The Aspire women have large spheres of influence. By building their skills and capacity we hope to create a ripple effect for the larger Muslim communities where they live, work and volunteer.

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Produced in partnership with Sir Zelman Cowen Centre, Victoria University and Islamic Council of Victoria, ICV.