Associate Professor Rob Aughey

FIFA Project Lead, ISEAL Victoria University

FIFA is really interested in coming up with minimum standards for athlete tracking technology. That's the electronic performance tracking systems. It's all about tracking athletes on the soccer pitch.

Nicholas Evans

Quality Programme Group Leader, Football Technology Innovation Division FIFA

FIFA are looking to understand, how the use of this technology can help the game of football. We chose Victoria University after a long selection process. Since they offered us a good mix of a very practical solution to achieve what we're looking at, a full-scale analysis of a football game.

Professor Hans Westerbeek

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Associate) - Sport Strategy, ISEAL Victoria University

FIFA obviously is one of the leading sport organisations in the world, and as Australia's leading sports university we look forward to partnering with similar organisations all around the world, because that really gives us an edge in terms of practising the science that we apply to real life.