Yuan is a Research Fellow in the Centre for International Research on Education Systems (CIRES). Her research interests include globalisation and internationalisation of higher education, Intercultural education, and STEM education.

Yuan’s recent research projects include:

  • An examination of the role of education in regional development: Using the case of Hainan Province in China, the findings of this study suggest that regional economic structures and cultural traditions in both the past and the present shape the provision of education, and that education plays a mediating role in mobilising regional cultural and economic resources.
  • An investigation of the patterns and tendencies of student deferrals and leave-taking in Australian universities over the past two decades, and of university policies regarding deferral and leave-taking: The findings suggest that universities should take a more individualised approach to re-engage student who defer or take leave, as this will help improve course participation and completion by students from groups that are traditionally under-represented at university, including students from low SES backgrounds.

Yuan has held various educational research, teaching and consulting positions over the past nine years, including Senior Research Officer in the Centre for Higher Education Equity and Diversity Research (CHEEDR) at La Trobe University (2019-2021), and Research Officer at CIRES (2017-2019).

From 2010 to 2012, Yuan was Program Manager in the International Office of Nankai University in China.

Yuan obtained her PhD from the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne, MEd with distinction from University of Bristol, and honours Bachelor of Arts (double degree) from Peking University, China.

Areas of expertise

  • Internationalisation of higher education
  • Intercultural education
  • Vocational education and training
  • STEM education

Contact details

(03) 9919 1845

Recent publications


Gao, C.Y. (2019). Measuring university internationalization: Indicators across national boundaries. London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

Book chapters

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Journal articles

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Conference presentations

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